Don't tell Mom I'm here.
Don’t tell Mom I’m here.

Shakespeare, why are you hiding?  I’m the one who had the awful weekend.

I know, but I’m afraid the same thing may happen to me.  Why don’t you tell everyone about your adventure.

It started off as such a good holiday weekend.  Mom was going to be home from work for four whole days and we knew that meant we would get lots of outside time and probably extra treats.  Everything was going great until Saturday morning.  Before I knew it, Mom had picked me up and carried me out struggling and meowing to the car.  She actually put me in the car and thought she was going to drive away with me.  I wanted to make a run for it, but she got the door closed.  I just sat on her lap and yelled at her.  She told me I was just going to the doctor’s house and that everything would be fine.  No way.  That was NOT what  I wanted to do.  She carried me into the doctor’s house and I let everyone know I was there.  However, Mom was really proud of me ‘cuz she sat me down on the chair next to her and I just stayed there and glared at the lady behind the desk.   Mom didn’t have me in a carrier and she didn’t have one of those leash things on me but I figured it would be best for me to stay put and glare.  So I did.

Before long I was in a smaller room and that’s when the humiliation began.  First off, they put me in the tray and WEIGHED me!!!!  Who on earth wants to be weighed???

Walk away from the scale now!  You are not going to see how much I weigh.
Walk away from the scale now! You are not going to see how much I weigh.
This is not my best side.
This is not my best side.

Before long the doctor man came into the room.  Now I will admit that I like him.  He’s known me since I was a little kitten.  He started looking me over and I won’t ever tell you how he took my temperature!  That’s just rude!

I was real good while the doctor man checked me.
I was real good while the doctor man checked me.

He told Mom that I had to do more exercises.  Can you believe it?  I don’t eat as much as Shakespeare but what I eat seems to stay with me.  Mom said she understood why she was getting bruises from me jumping on her in the middle of the night.  I’m a BIG kitty!  I found out I weigh a little over 21 pounds.  The doctor man didn’t have to tell Mom that!  Then he actually had the nerve to give me two shots.  However, he was amazed at how calm I was when he did that.  Little did he know that inside I was saying some naughty things.

What happens if Mom signs me up for Biggest Losers?
What happens if Mom signs me up for Biggest Losers?

Before long, the doctor man said I was doing good and I could go home and tell Shakespeare all about my adventure.  I can’t wait until he has to go see the doctor man!!

From the Mom:  Hemingway really is good when he goes to see the doctor man.  He does have to go in and have his teeth cleaned but I haven’t told him that.  He had been reading about his friends the Colehaus Cats www.colehauscats.com and their adventures at the doctor’s house so he figured he could share his “tail of woe” as well.   I must admit I was rather proud of Hemingway.  He acted like such a gentleman.  He did do lots of “singing” in the car on the way over and the way home, but over there he was very meek and mild.  Now when Shakespeare goes to see the doctor man, it’s a different story.  He has to go in a carrier and he is not quiet at all.  The boys are very much individuals.

21 thoughts on “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????

  1. He told your mom your weight?? How horrible! Pia got that whole ‘more exercise’ speech too. Rudeness!! Don’t they know that we’re just wee cats inside? Doesn’t that count for anything?

    We’re amazed to hear you did so well, Shakespeare! And all without a carrier! MOST Impressive! Purrs…

    1. Hemingway here…….HEY!!! I’m the one who was good at the vet. My little brother Shakespeare is the one who has to go in a carrier. He just tries to convince everyone that he’s a little angel but I’m here to tell the world differently! 🙂

  2. Wow, that was an ordeal, Hemingway! I hate the vet with a passion, and I hate getting weighed… but because I don’t weigh enough! If I have so much as lost an ounce my human is unhappy!

  3. BRAVO! Concats on getting through the doctor man visit Hemingway – and it sounds like you got a good report. It’s good we only have to do that once in a while though isn’t it. I won’t go in a carrier either – NO WAY – but that doesn’t make it any more FUN to be in a car. YUCK. Bet you’re glad THAT’s over with for a while!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Awwww whee don’t much like those pet doctors when they take our temperature! The indignity of it. Hope you are giving lots of treats to help you recover!


    ps. Thank you so much to your hooman for the lovely message about Nibbles. Whee miss him terribly but whee know he is in a safe place and not hurting anymore

  5. hemingway….want we shuld sneek sum trout yur way if your mom uzes da D werd upon yur catness..N shakepeare….we wanted ta say hi coz we never did see ya hidin in de garden….


  6. hemingway…all de talk bout ewe weighin a wee bit two much haz uz scared, we think we forgetted ta hit de post button…we trooooooooooooly hope yur mom doez knot bring de “D” werd inta de pick sure..N shakespeare, good job oh hidin buddy we canna see ewe in de garden at all !!!

  7. I am so sorry that you had to go see the doctor man, last week I had to see someone about something, I ended up getting stabbed, given away, made to wait for years and never did get the drinks and dinners (shots and chips) they promised me. It was only after I screamed loud enough for Mom to hear, (she was at work) that Dad took me home. I tell you, it is hard being a cat!

  8. Hemingway, don’t you think the fluffy fur adds to the weight? Then it wouldn’t count as weight!

    I also wanted to thank you both for your birthday wishes for my purrthday, on Texas’ blog. I know I am terribly terribly late, and I apologize and so I send you plenty of purrs!

    1. For sure that fluffy fur added to my weight and I told Mom and the doctor man it shouldn’t count but they don’t always listen to me. We’re glad you had a good “purrthday” and thanks for sending the purrs.

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