Mom Went to the Dogs

Shakespeare!!!  Are you really going to put that as the title?

Why not?  That’s what she did.

Our readers aren’t going to understand.

Well, you explain then.  I need to take a nap.


While Shakespeare takes yet another nap, I’ll try to explain what happened.  Mom’s been gone for all sorts of days ‘cuz she said she was taking care of dogs for some human friends of hers.  I don’t know why she had to go live with the dogs, but she did stop and visit us a few times during all those days.  Today she finally came home and brought that suitcase thing with her so we figure she’s back to stay again.

Yawn………..are you done now?  Did you tell them what Mom saw when she came home?

Oh, I almost forgot.  She drove up in the driveway and looked over to the left and this is what she saw:

Duck FamilyIt made us wonder if our mothers ever took us for walks when we were really little.

I’m so happy Mom’s home now.  Here’s a picture of me on Mom’s lap.  It’s hard to tell ‘cuz I’m so close, but I’m really happy.

On Mom's LapI like sleeping on my pillow or maybe I should say I like sleeping on any pillow no matter who it belongs to!

Sound AsleepI also like those little naps in the sun.

Sun NappingMom claims that the reason we haven’t been writing anything on our blog is because we’ve been too lazy and haven’t taken care of things while she was gone.  Here’s my response:

Are You Going Away Again

14 thoughts on “Mom Went to the Dogs

  1. It’s about time your mom came home. It’s hard for imagine a kitty mommy leaving home to take car of doggies. That’s what kennels are for. But your mommy is particularly nice to have done it. Glad you two are finally getting some attention. Love all the snoozy photos. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. I know the real reason you kitties haven’t been blogging – your human was goofing off with those dogs! Feh. Try to put the blame on you, does she? She deserves the face you gave her in the last photo and more!

  3. Well guys I’m sure you’re glad your Mom’s home from taking care of those woofie creatures. I bet all her stuff smelled like DOG too…..yuck. Now you can catch up on some quality lap time!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Of course you isn’t lazy. What a mean ‘ol hooman saying something like that! Whee are glad your Mummy is home and you are back blogging

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  5. doods…we R total lee glad yur mom getted home when her did …thoz stoooooooooooopid rood over lee large caca droppers were shirley gettin reddy ta invade yur home….that call wuz a close one !!!

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