The Mom Speaks: 

I can tell my “boys” are related to me.  They have absolutely no patience at all!

Here’s a picture of Shakespeare checking out the new bag of food I brought home.

New Bag of Food

Now here’s what he did to the bag.  If you look closely you will see a hole that dear Shakespeare made in the bag because I wasn’t moving fast enough to open it!   He was also checking to make sure it was made in the USA!

Shakespeare Helping Himself

Then there’s Hemingway.  He decided to just help himself to the container where I had put their food.

Hemingway Helping Himself

Yes, when it comes to eating, these guys have no patience at all!!!

24 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Have you been starving those boys? That must be some super nommy food. We haven’t tried Halo food. We might have to have our dad get us some. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Marty and I do that also, mom yells at us to wait but we know she likes it when we help her unpack the groceries. But she does seem to really get upset when she finds a hole in the loaf of bread. Take care, Sami

  3. Binga is the same way! And you should have heard her today, when my human fed us an hour-plus later than usual – she really pitched a fit!

  4. Doesn’t your human realise that if you haven’t eaten for at least 5 minutes you are actually starving? We hadn’t heard of Halo food – is it very tasty?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. We love Halo food. Mom started getting it for us recently. She said it doesn’t have a lot of additives (whatever that means) so she likes giving it to us. Humans just don’t understand the concepts of waiting even a minute for food!

  5. Don’t worry Hemingway and Shakespeare….one of my cats (Siri) LOVES to eat more than anything. We got her from the Siamese Rescue Center, so I think that in her previous situation, she must have worried a lot about getting something to eat.
    Our male cat Keona has been with us since he was very little. He likes to eat a little and then come back later. That’s not working! We have to put his bowl away so she won’t eat all of his food too.
    There is a picture of Siri in my post “sleeping sink cat.” You can clearly see that she isn’t starving (even though she still thinks she is). 🙂
    Before Siri, we had Anika (Keona’s little sister). He loved her more than anything. It broke his heart when she died. You can see them together in, “Love Lives Beyond Death.”
    I think cats are wonderful. You can tell your mom that!!

    1. We think you are a wonderful human ‘cuz you have lots of love to give. We told Mom about those web pages and she cried when she read about Anika. She lost her old buddy of almost 19 years and then a few months later she lost two kittens she had rescued. Then she found us and rescued us and the doctor lady and Mom were both so happy that we were healthy. I guess that’s why she doesn’t get too mad at us when we get impatient about not being fed on time. She would rather have us eating than not. We think Siri and Keona are both gorgeous. Please tell them hi from us and Mom. By the way, Mom has a good friend who has a daughter named Siri. That’s a lovely name. Thanks so much for writing to us.

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