Sometimes Humans Are Just Plain Silly

We had a problem this weekend.

We were rather upset.

Mom told us we couldn’t go outside ‘cuz the fence wasn’t completely up.

We promised her we would stay in the yard, but she didn’t trust us.

She told us that her brother had to take down part of the fence ‘cuz some guys were going to come and take down a big tree in our yard that had died.

We felt bad for the tree ‘cuz it had been around a long time.

Anyway, he took the fence down and then the next day the guys came and took the tree down.

And they made LOTS of noise doing it.

So, we figured Uncle Bob would put the fence up right away but he didn’t.

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we wanted to go out and play but Mom wouldn’t let us.

I threw a temper tantrum.

You sure did!

Well, so did you.  You walked around the house just yelling.  What good did that do?

Well, you jumped up on the computer desk and started knocking things off on the floor.  Did that help?

Nothing we did helped.  Mom just looked at us and told us we were acting like two-year olds.   DUH….what a silly thing to say!!   We ARE two years old.  What does she expect????  Uncle Bob finally felt sorry for us (or maybe he got tired of listening to Shakespeare whine) and he put the fence back up and then opened the door for us.

We spent a lovely afternoon outside.  Thanks Uncle Bob!!!

Mom….I have a question.  While we were outside I spotted this guy in the tree.  I tried to take a picture of him but it was kind of hard.  It’s not a real good picture but you can see that he’s black and has a fluffy tail.  Is he my brother?

Black SquirrelFrom the Mom:  No, Hemingway.  That is a black squirrel and he likes to hang around our house.  Maybe he’s seen you in the window and thinks you are also a squirrel.