Be Very Careful!!!

Warning!  If your human says you’re going on a field trip and it will be lots of fun, don’t believe it!  Humans are very sneaky.  Did you know that humans keep in touch with those fur doctor people?  My Mom is a traitor.  She told me about a month ago that I was just going to see the doctor man to make sure I was healthy.  What she didn’t tell me was that she made an appointment for another time.  This morning I got up all bright and cheery and woke Mom up earlier than usual.  She didn’t seem to really mind ‘cuz we had a bad storm go through last night and we lost power.  Well, in the storm I thought she lost her mind, too.  Normally she gets up and feeds us and then goes on her walk.  She went out on her walk without feeding us!!!

I was a very unhappy kitty.

Shakespeare, this is my story so just go back to sleep.  Anyway, next thing I knew she was carrying me out to the car and she said we were just going on a ride to check out all the damage from the storm.  She lied to me!!!  We ended up at the doctor man’s house!!!  Then she left me!!!!  Can you imagine?  No breakfast and I get dumped off at a strange place.

I don’t remember much of what happened ‘cuz Mom said the doctor man made me go to sleep so he could clean my teeth.  What business is it of his to be cleaning my teeth?  Just leave the toothbrush out with some catnip flavored toothpaste and I’ll do it myself.

It was a very long day but Mom finally came back to get me.  When the doctor man gave me to her, I buried my face in her arm ‘cuz I was so happy.  I was afraid she had forgotten me.

Now, get this……………….

Copy of P1020756Look what the doctor man did.  He gave me a PINK bandaid thing around my front leg.  I’m a boy kitty.  I should have had a blue bandaid thing.  However, I will admit it looks kind of pretty against the black.

Copy of P1020759I better not hear any of the neighbor dogs laughing at me ‘cuz I’m wearing pink!

Notes from the Mom:  Hemingway did fine during his procedure.  They were concerned that he might have a tumor but when they checked it they found it was nothing so I was very relieved.  I know Hemingway didn’t have the best day and it was super hard for me to leave him, but it’s good to know he’s healthy.  Meanwhile, Shakespeare had the house to himself today and he won’t tell me what he did.

22 thoughts on “Be Very Careful!!!

  1. Hemingway, I’m positive your mommy took you to the doctor man for good reasons. She wants you to live a long, healthy life. I think your pink bandage is attractive. Think of it as an accessory.

    1. Thanks, Donna! However, I heard the doctor man tell Mom that she could take it off shortly after we got home. She wasn’t moving fast enough so I had to help. We both got it off when we were supposed to. Now I think I should have it on again ‘cuz guess what……there’s no fur there!!!! Good thing it isn’t winter.

  2. Dear Hemingway, that is quite an ordeal for you to have gone through. Humans can be funny things at times and I’m very happy to hear you are back home with your family fit and healthy.

  3. Hemmingway, we’re sorry you had to go to the fur doctor place. We don’t like that place either. But we’re glad to hear that everything went well for you despite getting a pink bandage.

  4. Well I totally “get” the blue bandaid/pink bandaid thing but it does look rather nice on your furs Hemingway. Plus you got nice clean teeth in the process. One of those NOT FUN but necessary things we guys have to put up with!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. That is a very manly bandage you have there. You should see the jumper Nutty had to wear when he had a cut on his back as a baby and had to keep it covered. I mean whee aren’t going to say what colour it was (pink with daisies on it) but he was quite embarrassed too!

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  6. shakespeare…mums de werd…we wont men shun a thing bout de partee

    hemingway, way happee ya getted a kleen bill oh health N noe nastee toomerz wuz hidin any wear…..we noe yur mom wuz like double tripull double ree leeved two !!

  7. Hi Hemingway and Shakespeare! You guys are SO CUTE! I just found your blog and you are both very good authors! My kitty, Sabrina Von Squishy, weighed in at 22 pounds a year ago, but is now down to 14 pounds. Partly because of a Very Bad Thing (cancer that was treated and GONE now) and partly because she became a very picky eater after chemotherapy, and now eats mostly wet food (with some crunchy treats for teeth cleaning). The wet food made her lose a lot of weight! I put hot water in it and she loved the food flavored water, so she was also very hydrated. But…I kind of miss the squish! (though at 14 pounds, she is still pretty squishy!)

    1. Thanks you so much for finding us and following us. We’re both very happy that Sabrina Von Squishy fought that old cancer thing and won! Her “soup” sounds really interesting. So far neither one of us has gotten fussy about food. In fact, Shakespeare LOVES all food……especially bread. He’s been known to tear into bags of food that Mom brings into the house. He claims he’s just helping but Mom knows better. Shakespeare here….don’t let Hemingway try to convince you that he’s an angel ‘cuz he isn’t! Sometimes he grabs Mom’s plate to see what she’s eating. 🙂

  8. Glad Hemingway didn’t have a tumor. You should know that we cats do not tell on ourselves. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth, Astrid and Calista Jo

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