Learning About Yard Work

Why was Mom pushing those leaves around tonight?

She wasn’t pushing them.  That’s called raking.

I don’t care.  Why was she doing it?  She usually waits until later when it starts to get colder outside and the leaves turn pretty colors.  Then the leaves get worn out from showing off and they fall off the trees and get crunchy.  That’s when Mom usually pushes them around.

Remember the storm the other night?

You mean when the angels were playing with their flashlights and the clouds were clapping loudly at the pretty designs they were making?

You have such a strange imagination.

Then the angels all must have turned on their fans and their water faucets ‘cuz it got really windy and wet outside.  There was some really loud noise when all those white ice pieces started hitting the roof and the windows.

Were you scared?

No.  Mom didn’t seem to be afraid so I figured she would take care of us.

Well, the leaves got scared during that storm and they shook so hard that they jumped off the branches and landed everywhere.

Poor leaves.

Mom said the  yard was such a mess that she had to get busy and clean it when she got home from work.

So that’s why we got to stay outside so long tonight?


Mom worked really hard so we better let her sleep in the morning.

But she told me she likes to get up early to take her walk.

I’m sure she doesn’t want to get up as early as you do.

I’m just taking care of you.  I know how hungry you get so I figure I better make sure Mom gets up and feeds us.

I don’t think Mom will believe that.