ConversationWhat’s wrong Shakespeare?

I don’t feel like playing.


I’m worried about Mom.


Uncle Bob said Mom lost her marbles and I don’t know where to look for them.  By the way, what are marbles?  Do you know where they might be?

Shakespeare, it’s a good thing I look stuff up on the internet while you’re napping.  That’s just another one of those crazy human sayings.  It just means that Mom’s brother thinks that Mom’s gone off the deep end.

She’s going to drown!!!!!!!

Let me rephrase that.  It means Mom is doing something a little crazy.

Does it have to do with that big tree stump outside?

Remember the storm we had earlier this month?  Well, along Mom’s walk there were lots of trees and stumps and branches piled up because they got scared of the wind and hail and they fell down.  Then the humans put them in piles.


Mom kept looking at this one tree stump and she told Uncle Bob that there was something about it that she found really fascinating.  One night this week she talked him into driving over there with her to see if they could pick it up and bring it home.

We’ve already got that big stump from when our tree had a heart attack and died.

I know, but Mom wanted this one.  Uncle Bob must have thought it was kind of interesting too, ‘cuz he did pick it up and helped her bring it home.

So what’s Mom doing with that noisy machine now?

She said she’s sanding the stump down so it will be nice and smooth.  Then she’s going to put something on it to keep it from falling apart outside.   She claims it’s going to be really pretty when she gets it all smooth and shiny.  I stopped listening when she said it wasn’t a new scratching post for us.

Well, I hope she finds her marbles when she finishes with the stump.  Let’s show the readers what she’s working on.

This is what the stump looked like when she first got it home:

Tree Stump Before

Before She’s been working with that noisy machine trying to make it smooth so this is the first stage:

Sanding Started

First Stage of SandingWouldn’t it be fun to run along that long arm and jump into a bed of catnip?

15 thoughts on “Marbles

  1. What a cool project. Hoomans often say our Mummy is losing her marbles. Whee tried to find them once, but they weren’t under the sofa and Mummy said whee were driving her crazy by escaping under there. Whee will never understand hoomans.

    Keep us updated of the project progress

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  2. Haha, I love your conversations! It’s too bad that’s not a new scratching post for you guys because it looks like it would be an awesome one. 😉

  3. We’ll be interested to see what this turns into when your mom finishes it. Maybe a table or a bench? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Well guys that IS a most interesting stump your Mom has there…..and I’m thinking whatever she has in mind is gonna be very artsy! I do think it would make a rather swell diving board into that pot of catnip though….maybe she won’t move it even when her project is finished????? A guy can hope!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    1. Sammy, it seems like most of our readers think this should be our very own scratching post. We told Mom that she wouldn’t have to keep sanding it ‘cuz we could just scratch it and make pretty designs. She told us there was another stump in the yard for us to use and we are to leave hers alone. Humans can be so selfish!!!

  5. H & S…this bee one oh de kewlest scratchin posts we haz seen in a looooooong time !!! hope ewe both get ta puts yur skillz two it !!! at leeast aza pawtograff !!!

    1. We’re thinking Mom is going to tell us to stay away from it and to use the other stump that’s in the yard. We had a tree that died of old age and was cut down…mostly. Mom’s brother is going to make a bird bath out of it but right now it’s just a tall stump and we think it’s pretty cool.

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