Who Had a Shower????

Did Mom tell you where she went this afternoon?

Weren’t you listening?  She said she was going to a baby shower.

I must have been sleeping.  What’s a baby shower, anyway?  Do they just all get together to watch a dirty baby get a shower?  Hey….maybe they did it because it rained today.  They could just take the baby outside in the rain shower.  Still, I don’t think that would be much fun.

Shakespeare, you’ve got to learn to pay attention.  Mom went to a party for our former and current doctor.  They’re going to have a baby.

Our doctors
Our doctors

Hey….that’s the doctor man who actually held me and then clipped my nails.  I sure told him what I thought about that!  I don’t remember the doctor lady.  I must have seen her when I was really little.

Yes, you were very young and just as much of a problem!

So....let me get this straight....
So….let me get this straight….

Our two doctors are going to have a baby?  Are they going to have a baby kitten?

Good grief......
Good grief……

Do I have to teach you EVERYTHING????  They’re going to have a baby human.  They even told everyone that it’s going to be a little boy.

So who had a shower?  Did Mom get wet?

Goofball, when they say it’s a baby shower they mean they are having a party and giving gifts to the mommy-to-be.   Don’t you remember how we helped Mom wrap those gifts?

I do vaguely remember helping her with the bag and the crinkly paper.

Here’s a picture of the doctor lady opening one of our gifts and look how happy she is with the little hangers.  I wonder if we left any of our fur on the paper or in the bag.  I hope Mom let her know those gifts were from us, too.

Michelle and Baby Hangers

We did a good job with the gifts, didn’t we?  I still don’t understand why they called it a shower.  It doesn’t look like anyone got wet.

Shakespeare, take that catnip out of your ears and listen.  It was a party with gifts.

You said it was a shower!

I’m going to go take a nap.

Are They Related?

JackHemingway…………I found this picture on Mom’s camera.  Do you have a brother I don’t know about?  Is that where Mom went over the weekend?

Oh Shakespeare, you have such an imagination!  That’s Jack the border collie.  He is a rescue dog who belongs to Mom’s good friend and that’s where she went over the weekend.  Jack is a dog and I’m not…..even though Mom says I act like one.  So, we can’t be related.

Well, I think he looks lots like you…..except he has more white on his face.  If you would drink milk and get it all over your face, you would look just like him.

Goofball!  Did you see the other neat picture Mom had in her camera?

No. What is it?

Hummingbird MothMom told me that’s a hummingbird moth and she saw it on her friend’s flowers.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have one of those flying around here?

Does he bother the catnip plants?

I don’t know, but I don’t think you have to worry.

Is it time for treats yet?  I’m tired of looking at Mom’s camera.

Lofty Plans

Shakespeare's GraduationI’ve been thinking…..

Dear Readers, this is always a very scary thing when he says something like that.

Stop it.  This makes perfect sense and you are going to be amazed.

So what is it?

Well, I’ve decided to go to school.

You can’t leave the back yard.

I can take classes on this computer.   They talk about it on that TV thing all the time.

What are you going to study?  Mice? Birds? Catnip?

I’m going to be a teacher.

Oh no…………..  Why????

Well, I’ve been watching how the little and not so little humans have been heading back to school this fall.  They’re all excited to meet their new teachers and some of them even bring their teachers apples.

Where did you hear that?

I saw it on that TV thing.  Anyway, I figured if they are smart enough to bring apples, then maybe I can teach them to bring catnip!  Now, isn’t that the perfect idea???

You have been into the catnip way too much lately……

Hemingway...what can I sayI’m going to sleep and forget we ever had this conversation.

Thanks, Sammy!

What is that strange stuff on our deck????
What is that strange stuff on our deck????

We have to thank our friend Sammy (http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/).  He did a special rain dance and got rain at his house so we asked him if he could make his powers work long distance and he did!!!!

Shakespeare at the windowIt’s been forever since we’ve had those wet drops falling from the sky.  I’m really glad Sammy timed it to happen after we had our time outside today!

Hemingway Looking for the STormI wonder if our catnip is happy?  I bet it was getting really thirsty.  Mom……..as soon as the rain stops can you go get us some?

Thanks again, Sammy!!!  You did a great job!

A Special Welcome

We just wanted to take time today to say welcome to all of our new readers who joined us.

We were so surprised to find so many new readers following us.

Mom said it was because we wrote a tribute to Homer (https://www.facebook.com/Homerblindcatfans) and his mom, Gwen, posted it on his page.

We want to thank Gwen for posting it.  We wanted her to know that we felt very sad that Homer is gone but we also feel happy because now she knows that he will never be forgotten.  We’re all working together to help rescue kitties and special needs kitties around the world.  We are both rescue kitties and we know how important it is to find that special human and a forever home.

So……..HAPPY FRIDAY……..and a big welcome to all of Homer’s friends.  Thank you for finding us and following us.

By the way, if you have extra treats I will be very glad to take them off your hands…….

SHAKESPEARE!!!!!!!!!  This was supposed to be a serious post.  You spoiled it….

Did not.  I’m serious about treats.

Now It Happened to Me!

I’ve been reading about my other fur people friends who have had to make trips to the doctor people.  Even Hemingway had to go see our doctor man, but I thought I was safe ‘cuz Mom didn’t mention anything and there wasn’t any scribbling on that calendar thing on the wall.

The other night she brought up my “carry me out of the house” holder.  I was skeptical at first but she just put it down and walked away.  When she didn’t do anything more about it, I figured she brought it up so I could sleep in it without Hemingway bothering me.

I sure hope they have room service at this hotel.
I sure hope they have room service at this hotel.

Today Mom got home early from work and first thing I knew, she put me in the “carry me out of the house” holder and took me out to her car.  Hemingway stayed in the house and I swear I heard him laughing.  We went for a short ride but I let Mom know I was not happy at all with this adventure.  Then when we got to the VCA Bloomington Animal Hospital (http://www.vcahospitals.com/bloomington/home) I announced my arrival loudly and firmly!  I’m not sure why the humans in there were laughing at me.  Even Mom was giggling!  I was trying to sound very ferocious!

Now, take a look at this:

Copy of P1020827See that hand?  That hand belongs to Jeff and I just know he made the scale say I weigh lots more than I do.  He claims I weigh a little over 15 pounds.  Well, if you take your hand away, Jeff, you might discover I’m actually a lean 11 pounds.  Hemingway…..you better check and see if Jeff did the same thing to you.  I think Jeff just wants our doctor man to tell us to go on diets!

I heard a noise in the hall.  I think we better get out of here!
I heard a noise in the hall. I think we better get out of here!
I'm showing all my readers where the doctor man gave me a shot!  He did it without my permission.
I’m showing all my readers where the doctor man gave me a shot! He did it without my permission.

I’m also not speaking to Mom right now.  She told the doctor man to give me a manicure and a pedicure.  I thought that meant I was going to get some neat fish or something.  When I found out he was going to take me out of the room so I couldn’t see Mom, I knew I was in trouble.  So I yelled.  And I yelled.  And I yelled.

Mom tried to take a picture of me when the doctor man came back with me but she said she was laughing so hard that she couldn’t hold the camera still.  She said she heard me throughout the building.  She says to apologize for the poor quality of this picture, but I say she shouldn’t have taken it anyway so it serves her right!

I was really a hand full for the doctor man.
I was really a hand full for the doctor man.

So, that’s how my Thursday went.  How was yours?  By the way, the doctor man said I was very healthy and that I didn’t have any problems…..other than not liking to come visit him!

We Still Love Surprises

We have to apologize for being quiet for so long.

We took “Wordless Wednesday” to the extreme!

Mom has been busy and she’s been coming home from work very tired.

Besides that, it’s a bazillion degrees outside and we’ve been too hot to think about words.  We’ve also been busy reminding Mom to keep watering our catnip outside.

We get thirsty when we go outside for a little bit so we can’t begin to imagine how thirsty the catnip must be ‘cuz it has to actually live outside.

Anyway, we were super anxious for Mom to get home tonight ‘cuz we heard the mail person leave a box at the door.  We figured it was either for us or for Mom and we wanted to know what it was!

As soon as Mom got in the door we told her to go check the package.

This is what she found inside:

Hemingway's mosaic
Hemingway’s mosaic
Shakespeare's mosaic
Shakespeare’s mosaic

These are gifts from Mom’s dear friend, Deanna, who lives far away in Florida.  We sometimes talk to her dog and her Mom’s kitty so we consider all of them family. 

Mom said that Deanna used to work at the Loveland Center (www.lovelandcenter.org) and these two mosaics were made by Tina Thompson.  We think she did an excellent job and we’re very proud to have some of her art work.  (We know these actually belong to Mom ‘cuz they are her birthday presents, but she always shares with us.)

I don't think they captured Shakespeare's goofiness....
They did a good job of making Shakespeare’s tail long.  I swear he has the biggest tail in the world!
Do you think they captured my beautiful eyes???
Do you think they captured my beautiful eyes???

Shakespeare was too busy looking for food to really stop and enjoy these new gifts, but I sure love them.  I really love the one of me.  Just look at those cute white feet.  It’s me.  It’s really me!!!