We Still Love Surprises

We have to apologize for being quiet for so long.

We took “Wordless Wednesday” to the extreme!

Mom has been busy and she’s been coming home from work very tired.

Besides that, it’s a bazillion degrees outside and we’ve been too hot to think about words.  We’ve also been busy reminding Mom to keep watering our catnip outside.

We get thirsty when we go outside for a little bit so we can’t begin to imagine how thirsty the catnip must be ‘cuz it has to actually live outside.

Anyway, we were super anxious for Mom to get home tonight ‘cuz we heard the mail person leave a box at the door.  We figured it was either for us or for Mom and we wanted to know what it was!

As soon as Mom got in the door we told her to go check the package.

This is what she found inside:

Hemingway's mosaic
Hemingway’s mosaic
Shakespeare's mosaic
Shakespeare’s mosaic

These are gifts from Mom’s dear friend, Deanna, who lives far away in Florida.  We sometimes talk to her dog and her Mom’s kitty so we consider all of them family. 

Mom said that Deanna used to work at the Loveland Center (www.lovelandcenter.org) and these two mosaics were made by Tina Thompson.  We think she did an excellent job and we’re very proud to have some of her art work.  (We know these actually belong to Mom ‘cuz they are her birthday presents, but she always shares with us.)

I don't think they captured Shakespeare's goofiness....
They did a good job of making Shakespeare’s tail long.  I swear he has the biggest tail in the world!
Do you think they captured my beautiful eyes???
Do you think they captured my beautiful eyes???

Shakespeare was too busy looking for food to really stop and enjoy these new gifts, but I sure love them.  I really love the one of me.  Just look at those cute white feet.  It’s me.  It’s really me!!!

15 thoughts on “We Still Love Surprises

  1. Those are unique, creative and beautiful. We bet your mom loved getting those as a birthday gift. And we know she will cherish them always. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Guys those are FABULOUS mosaics and I think they are a wonderful birthday gift – VERY talented lady your Mom knows that’s for sure. I’m sure even though they are for HER you guys can sit and admire them any time you want – after all – they’re like looking in a mirror right?? Way cool.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. What a neat gift! I’m sure your mom will treasure these for a long, long time. The likeness is striking! Please tell you mom Happy Birthday from me. She’s a special lady and I hope she has a fabulous year ahead!

    1. Thanks Donna and Nels. Mom says we probably confused everyone when we said it was a birthday gift ‘cuz her birthday was back in June. However, the artist wasn’t quite done with our portraits so Mom had to wait. She said it was well worth the wait ‘cuz Tina did such a fantastic job.

  4. H & S….way total lee awesum gift yur mom getted, her friend doez grate werk….N we think thiz iz prob ablee one oh thoz giftz ya better knot wanna…brake !!! hay, enjoy yur ton oh toona twoozday !!

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