A Special Welcome

We just wanted to take time today to say welcome to all of our new readers who joined us.

We were so surprised to find so many new readers following us.

Mom said it was because we wrote a tribute to Homer (https://www.facebook.com/Homerblindcatfans) and his mom, Gwen, posted it on his page.

We want to thank Gwen for posting it.  We wanted her to know that we felt very sad that Homer is gone but we also feel happy because now she knows that he will never be forgotten.  We’re all working together to help rescue kitties and special needs kitties around the world.  We are both rescue kitties and we know how important it is to find that special human and a forever home.

So……..HAPPY FRIDAY……..and a big welcome to all of Homer’s friends.  Thank you for finding us and following us.

By the way, if you have extra treats I will be very glad to take them off your hands…….

SHAKESPEARE!!!!!!!!!  This was supposed to be a serious post.  You spoiled it….

Did not.  I’m serious about treats.