Who Had a Shower????

Did Mom tell you where she went this afternoon?

Weren’t you listening?  She said she was going to a baby shower.

I must have been sleeping.  What’s a baby shower, anyway?  Do they just all get together to watch a dirty baby get a shower?  Hey….maybe they did it because it rained today.  They could just take the baby outside in the rain shower.  Still, I don’t think that would be much fun.

Shakespeare, you’ve got to learn to pay attention.  Mom went to a party for our former and current doctor.  They’re going to have a baby.

Our doctors
Our doctors

Hey….that’s the doctor man who actually held me and then clipped my nails.  I sure told him what I thought about that!  I don’t remember the doctor lady.  I must have seen her when I was really little.

Yes, you were very young and just as much of a problem!

So....let me get this straight....
So….let me get this straight….

Our two doctors are going to have a baby?  Are they going to have a baby kitten?

Good grief......
Good grief……

Do I have to teach you EVERYTHING????  They’re going to have a baby human.  They even told everyone that it’s going to be a little boy.

So who had a shower?  Did Mom get wet?

Goofball, when they say it’s a baby shower they mean they are having a party and giving gifts to the mommy-to-be.   Don’t you remember how we helped Mom wrap those gifts?

I do vaguely remember helping her with the bag and the crinkly paper.

Here’s a picture of the doctor lady opening one of our gifts and look how happy she is with the little hangers.  I wonder if we left any of our fur on the paper or in the bag.  I hope Mom let her know those gifts were from us, too.

Michelle and Baby Hangers

We did a good job with the gifts, didn’t we?  I still don’t understand why they called it a shower.  It doesn’t look like anyone got wet.

Shakespeare, take that catnip out of your ears and listen.  It was a party with gifts.

You said it was a shower!

I’m going to go take a nap.

14 thoughts on “Who Had a Shower????

  1. Humans are very confusing when it comes to such things! Showers, human kittens, etc. I’m surprised their species has managed to avoid becoming extinct.

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