Mom’s Idea of Fun

Mom was all excited about her adventure today and we just don’t get it.

For one thing, because she went on an adventure we couldn’t go outside in the morning like we wanted.

We consider it cruel and unusual punishment ‘cuz weekends are made for us.  it’s the time Mom doesn’t have to go to that work place and she’s supposed to devote her time to us.

Today one of her friends from choir picked her up and took her away.  We decided her friend was OK ‘cuz she has a fur person, Nels, and Mom has talked about Nels to us before.  Any human who has a fur person to love is A-OK in our books.

Where do we keep our books?

Shakespeare, sometimes you just don’t understand.  Actually, all of the time you don’t understand.

But I have a cute tail so it doesn’t matter.  Let’s tell the readers where Mom went today.  She went to a candy factory.

I thought “we” were going to tell the readers.

Hehehehehe.  I fooled you.

Here are some pictures she took of the humans making candy.  She said they got a tour of the place and got to sample the candy.  We’re not really interested in candy.  Mom tells us we can’t have it.  We think she shouldn’t have it then either but somehow the rules don’t go both ways between human moms and their adorable fur people.

Making English Toffee candy
Making English Toffee candy
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Look at all that caramel!
Look at all that caramel!
Cool....a chocolate waterfall
Cool….a chocolate waterfall
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.

That was Mom’s day and she said it was great.  At least when she finally got home we got to meet Nels’ Mom and we got to go outside.

Mom…….we think you should check around and see if they have a catnip factory around here.  Now that’s something we would totally enjoy and we could take you along to drive the car since we can’t reach the pedals.

Boys, go ahead and see if there are any catnip factories around and I’ll see if they’ll let you take a tour.   Thank you for finally agreeing it was OK for me to leave today even though it’s Saturday.  If the readers are interested in the place I toured, it’s Regina’s Candies ( in St. Paul.  It’s a third generation family run business and once a year they have free tours of their place.  It was definitely my kind of day!  Special thanks to Donna (Nels’ Mom) for inviting me.

What’s That Noise?



What is it boys?

We think Santa is on the roof!!!

roofingIs that really Santa?

No boys.  We’re having the roof replaced so that’s what all the noise is.

Oh.  We thought it was Santa and his reindeer.

I was getting all excited ‘cuz I know my birthday is right before Christmas.  I thought maybe I was getting some presents early.

Sorry to disappoint you, Hemingway.  you have a couple of months to wait yet.

What about me?  How long do I have to wait?

You already had your birthday this year, Shakespeare.  You will have another one next March.

I guess I’ll go take a nap then.

Me too.

Prima Donna

Copy of P1020909I’ve decided that my nose is really cute so I’m going to be a model.  Then I’ll earn lots of money for new toys and catnip.  This is my pose to show off my cute nose.

You’re too chunky to be a model.  If anyone in this family is going to be a model it’s me.  My tail is beyond beautiful.

The tailHere I am posing so everyone can see my beautiful tail.

And here you are posing so everyone can see your big belly.

ZZZZZZZOh hush.  Mom says I’m handsome.  Besides, I just happen to have a big jungle pouch.

That’s not what Mom’s brother says.

Well, I’m going to work on my resume so I can start modeling.  I just have one question.  Mom says I’m a prima donna.  I don’t know what that means but I told her very quickly that I’m  a boy cat so that means I’m a prima donald.  She just laughed at me.  Should I put that on my resume?

Just Lyin’ Around Thinkin’

Copy of P1020911Mom, why do you have that flashy thing pointed at me?  I’m not doing anything wrong.  I’m just trying to take a nap.  These are my “I’m glaring at you ‘cuz you’re disturbing me” eyes.  Are they working?  Are you scared yet?

Copy of P1020912Mom, I’m trying to take a nap, too.  Shakespeare likes to sleep on the pillow but I prefer your lap!  And I won’t scare you.

Copy of P1020915Oh, little Mr. perfect.  I’m going to pretend you’re not there.  Don’t you love my fur coat?  It’s going to come in so handy when winter comes.

Copy of P1020914Mom?  What did you mean when you said you were going to change my name to Velcro or Sticky Sam?  And I told you not to point that flashy thing at me when I’m sleeping on your lap.  I tried to get my foot up on the lens but I wasn’t fast enough.

Copy of P1020908Mom, can you get me a bigger pillow?  My tail doesn’t fit on this one.  Look…I have snowshoes on my feet!  All that fur is going to keep my feet warm when winter comes.

From the Mom:  Stop thinking and talking about winter.  I’m not ready!

Not Funny……

Weather Person Beware!  I'm going to eat grass and then come to your house and throw-up.
Weather Person Beware! I’m going to eat grass and then come to your house and throw-up.

Shakespeare, what is your problem now?

When Mom got home from church yesterday, she let us outside to play.

I know.  I was there.

Copy of P1020899

Well, you went back in the house but the sun was shining so when Mom asked me if I wanted to go inside before she went to the store I told her, “No Way!”

And you found out that was stupid.

Who knew it was going to rain while she was at the grocery store?  The sun was shining!!!

When I saw the drops falling outside, I stood by the door and giggled.  I was nice and dry.

Mr. White Cat on the Deck....wasn't it funny when Shakespeare got wet?
Mr. White Cat on the Deck….wasn’t it funny when Shakespeare got wet?

I still think it’s the fault of the weather person.  Someone must have paid off the weather person in catnip, treats and toys.  I’m going to find out who the guilty person or fur person is!!  My beautiful tail is not meant to get wet.

Look What Mom Built………

We were busy playing outside and Mom was in the kitchen building something.

I could smell something really interesting and my stomach was growling.

Your stomach is always growling.

When Mom called us in the house, we went running inside to see what she had done.

This is what we saw:

Just veggies
Just veggies

Mom…….where’s the tuna fish?

Where’s the catnip?

We think you better try again.  We will admit this is colorful but it’s not really what we want for supper.

From the Mom:  Boys, I didn’t make this for you so hush now.  Remember I don’t spend all my time doing things for the two of you.

Why not???

Yeah….why not??