Mom’s Idea of Fun

Mom was all excited about her adventure today and we just don’t get it.

For one thing, because she went on an adventure we couldn’t go outside in the morning like we wanted.

We consider it cruel and unusual punishment ‘cuz weekends are made for us.  it’s the time Mom doesn’t have to go to that work place and she’s supposed to devote her time to us.

Today one of her friends from choir picked her up and took her away.  We decided her friend was OK ‘cuz she has a fur person, Nels, and Mom has talked about Nels to us before.  Any human who has a fur person to love is A-OK in our books.

Where do we keep our books?

Shakespeare, sometimes you just don’t understand.  Actually, all of the time you don’t understand.

But I have a cute tail so it doesn’t matter.  Let’s tell the readers where Mom went today.  She went to a candy factory.

I thought “we” were going to tell the readers.

Hehehehehe.  I fooled you.

Here are some pictures she took of the humans making candy.  She said they got a tour of the place and got to sample the candy.  We’re not really interested in candy.  Mom tells us we can’t have it.  We think she shouldn’t have it then either but somehow the rules don’t go both ways between human moms and their adorable fur people.

Making English Toffee candy
Making English Toffee candy
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Look at all that caramel!
Look at all that caramel!
Cool....a chocolate waterfall
Cool….a chocolate waterfall
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.

That was Mom’s day and she said it was great.  At least when she finally got home we got to meet Nels’ Mom and we got to go outside.

Mom…….we think you should check around and see if they have a catnip factory around here.  Now that’s something we would totally enjoy and we could take you along to drive the car since we can’t reach the pedals.

Boys, go ahead and see if there are any catnip factories around and I’ll see if they’ll let you take a tour.   Thank you for finally agreeing it was OK for me to leave today even though it’s Saturday.  If the readers are interested in the place I toured, it’s Regina’s Candies ( in St. Paul.  It’s a third generation family run business and once a year they have free tours of their place.  It was definitely my kind of day!  Special thanks to Donna (Nels’ Mom) for inviting me.

10 thoughts on “Mom’s Idea of Fun

  1. Mom says that would sure be her kind of day, especially since they had samples. And you two finally got what you wanted as well, so it was a good day for all. Have a furry good weekend. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  2. Pam, I’m so happy you were available and willing to come along today. I really enjoyed our time together and loved meeting Hemingway and Shakespeare. By the way, Nels was very curious about the scent on my hands when I got home.

  3. I agree with the boys, find a catnip factory they can tour! You humans with your toffee and chocolate and such, you don’t know what you are missing.

  4. doodz…yur mom kneads ta take ewe both on a tour oh de fishery or like de wharf…sure ya canna eat candee… but still a tour iza tour…tell her ya wood like to visit sum flounder fishery AND get free sampullz !!!

    1. We think that sounds awesome but Mom keeps telling us she’s allergic to fish and seafood so she wouldn’t be going on a tour like that with us. Maybe we’ll come visit you and we can all go on a tour! The humans would be so jealous. hehehehehe

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