Copy of P1020380Why has Mom been such a mess lately?

Didn’t you hear her say that she was rear-ended?

What’s the big deal?

Are you kidding me???

What?????  When you and I go to the doctor man’s house, he takes our temperature.  Isn’t that what it means to be rear-ended?  I mean after all……..he’s poking around where he doesn’t belong but I don’t get all upset about it and dwell on it.

Shakespeare, you need to do more reading on the internet instead of just looking up catnip recipes.


When Mom says she was rear-ended, she means that another car ran into the back of her car and broke it.

Oh no!!!!!!!  I don’t like hearing that at all.  No wonder she’s been kind of grumpy.  Does this happen often to humans?

It happens too often in Mom’s opinion.  She said once is more than enough.

Why don’t humans just walk then?  Oh hehehehehehehe…………I have the funniest picture in my kitty brain.  Here’s a line of humans walking on the sidewalk and suddenly one stops and they all rear end each other and fall on the grass.  I have such a cool imagination.

Shakespeare,  go take a nap.

Copy of P1020374

Q and A with the Boys

Boys, come here so we can have a little chat.  I have some questions for you.

WhatIf Hemingway says I did something naughty, then he’s telling “tails” again!!!

Relax, Shakespeare.  Neither of you has been any naughtier than usual.  I just have some questions.

Sure, we’ve got some time between naps and treats so go ahead and ask us stuff.

First of all, Hemingway, why do you have to follow me everywhere and get twisted up in my legs and feet?

I think it’s fun to watch you do those funny dance steps when you try to avoid stepping on me.  You always tell us that it’s good to laugh each day so that means what I’m doing is a good thing.

You’ve got things twisted a little, but I understand what you’re saying.  Shakespeare, why won’t you let me hold you and cuddle you?

I’m afraid you’ll mess up my beautiful tail.  If the fur gets bent the wrong way then it looks silly.

Oh, I thought it was just because you are Mr. Independent.

Hemingway, why do you have to lick my face and try to groom my hair at night?

Mom, I’m just saving you time.  That way, when you finally get up in the morning, you won’t have to wash your face or comb your hair ‘cuz I’ve already taken care of it for you.

Shakespeare, why are you so anxious about food?

I love food!!!  I think it’s so neat that you feed me every day.  I don’t want to miss out on any of those wonderful tidbits.  Besides, now that winter is coming I need to stock up so that’s why I beg for more food.

Boys, this has been very interesting.  Thanks for explaining some things to me.  We may still have to work on a few things but at least we’re starting to understand each other a little better.  I love you boys!

I Didn't Make the Rug MessyWe love you, too, Mom!  Can I go back to playing with the rug now?

Do you have any treats for us?

We’ve Been Thinking and Thinking

Fellow bloggers….we haven’t been very good at writing lately and it’s Mom’s fault.

Hemingway, if Mom reads this she’s going to get mad.

I don’t care.  We’ve been asking her all sorts of questions lately and she’s just ignoring us.

Well, I do agree with that.  We’re just trying to learn things and she won’t tell us. She keeps saying something about being busy.

For one thing, remember that night when all the little humans kept coming to the door asking for candy?

Oh yeah……why do they do that?  I saw some pictures on the computer of cats dressed up in funny clothes.  Why do the humans think they should dress us cats up like funny humans?

Well, why do the humans dress up like kitties and other fur people?  Is it just this one day that they do it?  I think we should make some changes to this tradition of theirs.  So, listen up humans.  We kitties are going to bring about some changes.  This Halloween thing is going to be called “Catnip Treat Night” and the humans will take us kitties to houses in our neighborhoods.  We’ll have special little bags and the humans can put catnip and treats in them for us.

That sounds WONDERFUL. We should probably have this celebration at least four times a year.

Next problem.  What happened to the clocks?   I thought Mom was just playing a trick on us the other night but it seems all the clocks had the same problem.

Now Mom makes us wait an extra hour for supper and treats.  My tummy knows when it’s time to eat and it’s not an hour later.

Why did the clocks change?

Boys……….do you want some tuna water?

Oh boy......we love tuna water!
Oh boy……we love tuna water!
Mom.......I told you not to take my picture when I have tuna water on my face!
Mom…….I told you not to take my picture when I have tuna water on my face!
I think Hemingway splashed on me.
I think Hemingway splashed on me.

Mom…….forget about all of our questions for now.  We’re full and we’re going to take a nap.

Thanks, Mom!   We’re satisfied for now, but you know we’re going to have more questions so be prepared.