Q and A with the Boys

Boys, come here so we can have a little chat.  I have some questions for you.

WhatIf Hemingway says I did something naughty, then he’s telling “tails” again!!!

Relax, Shakespeare.  Neither of you has been any naughtier than usual.  I just have some questions.

Sure, we’ve got some time between naps and treats so go ahead and ask us stuff.

First of all, Hemingway, why do you have to follow me everywhere and get twisted up in my legs and feet?

I think it’s fun to watch you do those funny dance steps when you try to avoid stepping on me.  You always tell us that it’s good to laugh each day so that means what I’m doing is a good thing.

You’ve got things twisted a little, but I understand what you’re saying.  Shakespeare, why won’t you let me hold you and cuddle you?

I’m afraid you’ll mess up my beautiful tail.  If the fur gets bent the wrong way then it looks silly.

Oh, I thought it was just because you are Mr. Independent.

Hemingway, why do you have to lick my face and try to groom my hair at night?

Mom, I’m just saving you time.  That way, when you finally get up in the morning, you won’t have to wash your face or comb your hair ‘cuz I’ve already taken care of it for you.

Shakespeare, why are you so anxious about food?

I love food!!!  I think it’s so neat that you feed me every day.  I don’t want to miss out on any of those wonderful tidbits.  Besides, now that winter is coming I need to stock up so that’s why I beg for more food.

Boys, this has been very interesting.  Thanks for explaining some things to me.  We may still have to work on a few things but at least we’re starting to understand each other a little better.  I love you boys!

I Didn't Make the Rug MessyWe love you, too, Mom!  Can I go back to playing with the rug now?

Do you have any treats for us?