Copy of P1020380Why has Mom been such a mess lately?

Didn’t you hear her say that she was rear-ended?

What’s the big deal?

Are you kidding me???

What?????  When you and I go to the doctor man’s house, he takes our temperature.  Isn’t that what it means to be rear-ended?  I mean after all……..he’s poking around where he doesn’t belong but I don’t get all upset about it and dwell on it.

Shakespeare, you need to do more reading on the internet instead of just looking up catnip recipes.


When Mom says she was rear-ended, she means that another car ran into the back of her car and broke it.

Oh no!!!!!!!  I don’t like hearing that at all.  No wonder she’s been kind of grumpy.  Does this happen often to humans?

It happens too often in Mom’s opinion.  She said once is more than enough.

Why don’t humans just walk then?  Oh hehehehehehehe…………I have the funniest picture in my kitty brain.  Here’s a line of humans walking on the sidewalk and suddenly one stops and they all rear end each other and fall on the grass.  I have such a cool imagination.

Shakespeare,  go take a nap.

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12 thoughts on “Rear-ended

  1. Human’s cars getting rear ended is no fun! That happened to my human a couple of years ago. She and her boyfriend were okay, but her car was totaled! It definitely makes humans grouchy!

  2. Oh no! I hope you are healing fast. I had that happen a long time ago and I will never forget it! Of course, I would manage to hurt myself with your plan, too, Shakespeare. I am prone to falling (if I do) with a big thud and I don’t think grass would help.

  3. hope yur mom iz aye oh kay doodz…we noe de car mite knor be but if it can get two de pet stor ta get canned goodz……well……hay, hope ewe N yur familee haza happee thanx be givin N eat lotz oh pie !! 🙂

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