Happy New Year!!!!

staticThis is how our cousin dog, Static, dressed up for Christmas.  We wanted Mom to call him and find out what he was wearing for New Year’s but she said we shouldn’t bother him ‘cuz he’s probably sleeping so he can be awake when the big ball drops.  For some reason Mom’s been talking about some big ball dropping and we don’t know what’s wrong with her.

Copy of P1030009There’s a big ball?  Do we get to chase it?  Is Static going to chase it?  I want to play with the big ball.  Does it have a jingle bellie thing in it?  Does it bounce real high?  Who is dropping the big ball?  Why are they dropping it?   I just don’t get it.

Copy of P1030122Let me see if I can find some answers on the computer thing.  This is the mousie, right?  Where is its tail?  How come it doesn’t smell like catnip?

Copy of P1030123That’s what you call a keyboard, right?  I don’t see any keys.  I know Mom uses a key to unlock the door and another key to make her car start so she can go places.  Why is this called a keyboard?

Hey………didn’t we start this blog to wish everyone a Happy New Year?

I guess we did but we seem to have gotten distracted.

Two in bedHAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  We will probably be sound asleep when that big ball drops…wherever it is and for whatever reason the humans are dropping it.

Thanks for all the kind comments and for reading our blog during 2013.  We hope you will all join us again in 2014.  Maybe we can get Mom to leave the computer on more often so we can write more.  We hope all of you have a safe and healthy New Year’s and that 2014 will be an extra special year for you.

Hugs and purrs from Hemingway, Shakespeare and Mom (Pam)

We Two Kings of Minnesota Art………

Shakespeare, what on earth are you doing?king shakespeareI’m king of Minnesota!  See my crown?  See my throne?

King HemingwayYour throne?  It’s my throne and I don’t need a stupid crown to prove it.

Copy of P1030113But I look much more regal on the throne.

Where did this throne come from, anyway?

Mom kept goodies inside.  She used it to store extra cookies and fudge.  I asked her if there were treats in there for us and she kept saying no.

Did you ever get it open?

Nope, but I sure tried.

So is she going to take our throne away?

Yes.  She said it’s going back into storage because Christmas is over.

Well, our reign as kings isn’t over so we’ll have to find another throne.

What a Party!!!!

Mom had a wonderful party for me.  Yesterday was my birthday so now I’m three years and one day old.  I shared my special day with Shakespeare ‘cuz we were also celebrating Christmas.

Santa Paws left us so many wonderful things.  We got toys and treats and mice and treats and catnip and treats and……

We get the idea, Shakespeare.  Anyway, Mom said we didn’t have to write much today ‘cuz the pictures would say everything.  We hope you enjoy them.

Look at all these gifts!
Look at all these gifts!
There are some awesome presents here.
There are some awesome presents here.
I'll work on this one.
I’ll work on this one.
I think I like this toy.
I think I like this toy.
Opening gifts is hard work.
Opening gifts is hard work.
I need to pause and give a prayer of thanks.
I need to pause and give a prayer of thanks.
I'm really thankful, too.
I’m really thankful, too.
This catnip cat is mine...all mine!
This catnip cat is mine…all mine!
This crinkly thing makes noise.  I think I like it.
This crinkly thing makes noise. I think I like it.
Mom....I didn't make this mess.  The humans did it.
Mom….I didn’t make this mess. The humans did it.
Somehow I got all wrapped up.  I'm sure this was Shakespeare's doing.
Somehow I got all wrapped up. I’m sure this was Shakespeare’s doing.
Mom...look what our buddy Champ, the dog, gave us.  Do I really have to share????
Mom…look what our buddy Champ, the dog, gave us. Do I really have to share????

Mom……..do we get to have  a New Year’s Eve party?

Do we get to stay up late and eat treats at midnight?

Happy Birthday to……….ME!!!!!!!!!!

It’s my birthday.  It’s my birthday.  I’m three years old now.  I’m a big kitty.  I’m a happy kitty.  I’m a gorgeous kitty.  Where are my gifts????   It’s a sad day in the land of Hemingway if I don’t get anything.   Look what I got last year……

Look at this pile of presents!
Look at this pile of presents!

So where’s the loot today???  I don’t see any pile of presents.  I promise I’ve been a good boy most of the year.  I should at least have some Christmas presents.  Where is everything???

The Boys and the BoxThere’s nothing in this box except me.  What makes matters worse is that there’s a big orange thing on top of the box.

Happy Birthday to Mehehehehehehehe……..Hemingway doesn’t know it but Mom hid the presents.  I confess.  I was trying to open them.  I just love to open boxes and bags.  I’m going to let Hemingway stew a little longer.

Mom here…….don’t worry.  Hemingway will be celebrating his birthday tonight and both boys will be celebrating Christmas.  They have gifts but it’s true that I had to hide them from Shakespeare.  I can’t believe my “little boy” is three.  It seems like only yesterday he looked like this:

Hemingway at Play

We’re So Lucky!!!!

We have the BEST mom in the world!!!

We got a present from her.

We each got a present so we don’t have to share!

She said it was an early Christmas present and we could open it right away.

How many other kitties get early Christmas presents that they can actually open???

We’re so lucky!

Hemingway and partsHere Mom…..let me help you put this together.  By the way, just what is it?

Shakespeare bring that backYou work on all those other pieces, Hemingway.  I’ll just take this long piece over here.  Wait a minute!!!  I smell catnip on this.  Oh boy!!!!

Two in bedWow!!!!  You got us new beds!  Look how nice they are.  We fit on them and they’re different so we can each choose our favorite.

Shakespeare loves his bedMom…….I LOVE my bed!!!  It smells like catnip.  It shows off my pretty orange fur.  You did a good job shopping!

Hemingway's tail does not fitMom….thank you so much!  I love all these colorful paw prints on my bed.  They really look good against my black fur.  Know what?  I noticed that my tail must be longer than Shakespeare’s ‘cuz it doesn’t fit on the bed.  Giggle

We’re Back……….

Mom told us she was taking a break from the computer at home.   We’ve been real quiet lately ‘cuz we were trying to do what she said.  She didn’t want to turn on the computer and she didn’t want us working on our blog while she was home.  Of course we could have maybe worked on our blog while she was at that work place.

Remember how much fun it was to take those extra sun puddle naps?   The computer isn’t by the window so if we had been working, we would have missed out.

Well, we’re getting kind of anxious to do some meowing.  We need to get in touch with our fur people friends.  My birthday is coming and I need to spread the news.

Hemingway………move over!  Let me type.  Christmas is coming and we need to remind Santa Paws that we’ve been good boys and we want lots of treats and new toys. 

That sounds kind of selfish, Shakespeare.

Now that you mention it, I guess it does.  Well, is it okay if we tell Santa Paws that we would like a few things but we also want to make sure all the other fur people get special gifts, too?

Now that sounds better.  We have to remember those poor fur people who don’t have homes.  They must be really sad now.

I’m very lucky ‘cuz my first Christmas was spent at my home with Mom.  You were born on Christmas Eve so you were too young to know that you didn’t have a forever home yet for your first Christmas.

Oh, but I celebrated with you big time the next year.  We had so much fun!  That’s what we want for all the fur people and the humans.

Yes, we want them to have lots of special blessings and lots of happiness to make their hearts explode with love.

Oh, and we also want some catnip………

LOTS of catnip!