Happy Birthday to……….ME!!!!!!!!!!

It’s my birthday.  It’s my birthday.  I’m three years old now.  I’m a big kitty.  I’m a happy kitty.  I’m a gorgeous kitty.  Where are my gifts????   It’s a sad day in the land of Hemingway if I don’t get anything.   Look what I got last year……

Look at this pile of presents!
Look at this pile of presents!

So where’s the loot today???  I don’t see any pile of presents.  I promise I’ve been a good boy most of the year.  I should at least have some Christmas presents.  Where is everything???

The Boys and the BoxThere’s nothing in this box except me.  What makes matters worse is that there’s a big orange thing on top of the box.

Happy Birthday to Mehehehehehehehe……..Hemingway doesn’t know it but Mom hid the presents.  I confess.  I was trying to open them.  I just love to open boxes and bags.  I’m going to let Hemingway stew a little longer.

Mom here…….don’t worry.  Hemingway will be celebrating his birthday tonight and both boys will be celebrating Christmas.  They have gifts but it’s true that I had to hide them from Shakespeare.  I can’t believe my “little boy” is three.  It seems like only yesterday he looked like this:

Hemingway at Play

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to……….ME!!!!!!!!!!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEMINGWAY (I think you’ll be surprised later on tonight buddy!!)….and MEOWY CATMAS to both you AND Shakespeare. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun things to play with after the evening is over and especially when Santa Paws comes tonight!

    Holiday Hugs and Love,

  2. A Merry Trout Towne Christmas, anda Happy New Yeer two
    We wish ewe health, happee nezz, anda trout in everee shoo
    az we look bak upon thiz yeer, we hafta give sum THANX
    Yur friendship rockz, R loves two ewe, put fish in toy let tankz
    Heerz ta sea bass on yur plate, case goods at yur front door
    Rememburr…due knot eat… de burd, coz ewe’ll bee hurlin on de floor
    May ewe find salmon in yur dish, fresh flounder on yur walls
    A mackerull in everee pot, canz oh toona in all de hallz
    Hope ya open up de pantree, N find it filled with sole
    May yur lives bee blessed in everee way, peace out rock on N role

    we hi jacked a mobile dee vize two day guys sew bee fore we get
    busted, a merry christmas two ewe both anda vereee happee noe burd
    best fishes mice creem dishes lots oh cake N wishes kinda birthday

    1. You really did a super tuna job writing!!! You sound so happy. Of course we wish all the same for you. May your days be filled with trout and your nights with dreams of salmon and catnip. Did Mom tell you we caught one of those mousie things the other night? She was glad we caught it and only played with it. However, she took it away from us before we could make some cream sauce with catnip to pour over it. Oh well, humans are just different!
      Hemingway here…..thanks for the birthday greetings. Mom promises me I’m going to be surprised later. I’ve been snooping and I still haven’t found anything!
      Meowie Catmas to all of you and your humans. May the coming year be filled with even more fun times with friends in blogland. We’re so glad we connected!!! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Hemmingway! We know you’ll get lots of presents! And how cool…you’ll probably get twice as many given that it’s your birthday AND Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of you, too!

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