Stupid Cold Is Back!

HemingwayTrying to HideWhat are you doing Hemingway?

I’m trying to hide from the stupid cold.

What good will that do?

Well, if the stupid cold doesn’t see me then maybe it will go away!

Copy of P1020333I think I’ll try hiding too!  Do you think it will work?

I don’t know but Mom says we have to do something about this stupid cold.

Maybe our readers have ideas for dealing with the stupid cold.  Does anyone have any good ideas?

I don’t know why Mom tells us we can’t go outside but she goes outside.  I don’t think she should have to go outside in the stupid cold.

Well, there is the problem of buying food for us……..

Always!!!  You always turn our blogs into topics of food.  Is there anything else in that kitty brain of yours?


Look What I Did

Pole Ore Fur Tax

Copy of P1020595

Hemingway!  I need your help!!

What’s the problem now?  Did you get your big tail stuck in the door?

No.  Good grief!  Why would you even think that?

Never mind.  What’s your problem.

I need to know why everyone is talking about the pole ore fur tax.


It’s on the television and it’s on the computer.  What are the humans talking about?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  A pole is usually a long skinny thing.

I’ve seen poles in fire stations and humans slide down them.  I don’t think that would be fun at all.  I would have my claws out all the way down.

This is not my happy face!!!

Shhhhh……let me think.  Ore is something humans dig out of the ground.

Can they dig it out of our litter boxes?

Just listen!!!  You know what fur is.  We have it all over our bodies.  Mine is regal black and white and yours is ordinary orange with a hint of black and some white.

Why are you regal and I’m ordinary?

Then a tax is something that humans have to pay.  We both know Mom complains about taxes so it’s not a good thing.

So, have you figured it out???

YES!!!!  If you dig out a long stick from the ground and it has fur on it, then you have to pay a tax.

Well, I’m not going to be doing any digging ‘cuz I don’t want to pay any taxes.

Good idea!

Boys………….it’s Polar Vortex and it’s all the cold weather we have outside.

Oh………….sigh…….here I thought I was finally on the right track.

I thought Hemingway’s answer was better.  Can we both have some treats now?

White……Everywhere White!

Copy of P1030150Mom……the birds are not going to like it if they have to stand in the snow.  Can you go out and knock the snow off those tree limbs?

Copy of P1030152Mom………that’s way too much white out there.  Good thing that “dog litter box”  is sticking up out of the snow.

Copy of P1030151It’s just white everywhere.

Copy of P1030153Mom……..I’m just not happy about this turn of events.  I want to go outside and play but I don’t like that white stuff.

Copy of P1030146I’m going to help Mom with the laundry.

Copy of P1030147Mom says I’m so cute when I “help”.

I guess we’ll have to find sun puddles and take naps today since we won’t be going outside.  Hemingway, you can help with laundry but I’m going to look cute and see if Mom will give us extra treats since we can’t go out and play.

It’s Warm (at Least for Here)!!!!

Mom told us that it’s no longer STUPID COLD outside……just normal Minnesota cold so she let us go outside for a little bit this morning.

Just three guys hanging out on the deck...
Just three guys hanging out on the deck…
Why is all that white stuff everywhere???
Why is all that white stuff everywhere???
Look Mom......if I step real carefully, I can avoid that white stuff.  I'm soooooooo smart!!!
Look Mom……if I step real carefully, I can avoid that white stuff. I’m soooooooo smart!!!
I can pose better than the outdoor kitty.  Don't you think so??
I can pose better than the outdoor kitty. Don’t you think so??
I wonder what's around the corner?
I wonder what’s around the corner?

When It’s Too Cold………..

Mom couldn’t go to work today ‘cuz it’s too cold outside.

She disturbed our day!

She was running that noisy machine that sucks up stuff.  We both were very careful to stay far away from it.

Then she was running that big machine downstairs that fills up with water.  For some reason she throws her clothes in there…

…..and even our blankets!

Then she puts them in the other noisy machine that makes the clothes go round and round while hot air is blown on them.

So what did we do while she was making all this noise during our normal nap times?

Kitty YogaI practiced some of my new kitty yoga moves.

Sun Puddle NapI took a sun puddle nap and warmed my tummy.

Happy Cat FaceThen I showed Mom my happy face ‘cuz I didn’t have to go outside.

Copy of P1030130 Copy of P1030132Here’s what our cold winter sky looks like.  We are so ready for spring!  We hope all the fur people up here in the frozen tundra have a warm place to hide and lots of food to eat.  Stay safe everyone.

Too Cold!!!!

Please….everyone shut your freezer doors now.

We’re not saying it’s the humans’ fault, but it is way too cold here now.  Mom said it’s going to be a bazillion degrees below zero tomorrow morning so she doesn’t have to go to work.

Mom even got this funny picture in her email today.  We didn’t really understand it ‘cuz we use a litter box, but she explained it to us and then we had to chuckle.  Humans come up with the strangest ideas!!!Too cold.

As for us, we’re just spending the day being lazy.

How is that any different for us, you may ask.  Actually, it’s pretty much the same thing every day for us.  We have to get Mom up and make sure she feeds us and puts out fresh water.  Then we have to help her get ready for work.  Then after we push her out the door, we settle down in the sun puddles.

It’s just the life of a cat!

Copy of P1030128If you look carefully, you’ll notice that our “throne” is still in the house.  We convinced Mom not to put it away yet. 

Besides, it lives in the garage and it’s really cold out there now and we didn’t want our throne freezing.

Hey Hemingway…..humans sometimes call those things in the bathroom their “thrones”.  Should we be putting socks on our throne, too????