When It’s Too Cold………..

Mom couldn’t go to work today ‘cuz it’s too cold outside.

She disturbed our day!

She was running that noisy machine that sucks up stuff.  We both were very careful to stay far away from it.

Then she was running that big machine downstairs that fills up with water.  For some reason she throws her clothes in there…

…..and even our blankets!

Then she puts them in the other noisy machine that makes the clothes go round and round while hot air is blown on them.

So what did we do while she was making all this noise during our normal nap times?

Kitty YogaI practiced some of my new kitty yoga moves.

Sun Puddle NapI took a sun puddle nap and warmed my tummy.

Happy Cat FaceThen I showed Mom my happy face ‘cuz I didn’t have to go outside.

Copy of P1030130 Copy of P1030132Here’s what our cold winter sky looks like.  We are so ready for spring!  We hope all the fur people up here in the frozen tundra have a warm place to hide and lots of food to eat.  Stay safe everyone.