White……Everywhere White!

Copy of P1030150Mom……the birds are not going to like it if they have to stand in the snow.  Can you go out and knock the snow off those tree limbs?

Copy of P1030152Mom………that’s way too much white out there.  Good thing that “dog litter box”  is sticking up out of the snow.

Copy of P1030151It’s just white everywhere.

Copy of P1030153Mom……..I’m just not happy about this turn of events.  I want to go outside and play but I don’t like that white stuff.

Copy of P1030146I’m going to help Mom with the laundry.

Copy of P1030147Mom says I’m so cute when I “help”.

I guess we’ll have to find sun puddles and take naps today since we won’t be going outside.  Hemingway, you can help with laundry but I’m going to look cute and see if Mom will give us extra treats since we can’t go out and play.

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