Stupid Cold Is Back!

HemingwayTrying to HideWhat are you doing Hemingway?

I’m trying to hide from the stupid cold.

What good will that do?

Well, if the stupid cold doesn’t see me then maybe it will go away!

Copy of P1020333I think I’ll try hiding too!  Do you think it will work?

I don’t know but Mom says we have to do something about this stupid cold.

Maybe our readers have ideas for dealing with the stupid cold.  Does anyone have any good ideas?

I don’t know why Mom tells us we can’t go outside but she goes outside.  I don’t think she should have to go outside in the stupid cold.

Well, there is the problem of buying food for us……..

Always!!!  You always turn our blogs into topics of food.  Is there anything else in that kitty brain of yours?


Look What I Did

11 thoughts on “Stupid Cold Is Back!

  1. H & S…ewe got that rite…de cold iz STOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID….its even this close __ STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID wize, ta bee in az STOOOOOOOOOOOPID az burdz…..oh kay, well may bee this close ___ stay warm !!

  2. We are tired of the stoooooopid cold too!!!!! We have nasty winds too which make Mazie think there are “baddies” outside and she patrols the house protecting us. I wish if we all hid for a day that it would all go away! Keep your toesies warm.

  3. Oh guys we totally agree….this cold is totally stooopid AND I’m staying inside no matter what. If the Humans insist on going out in it the least they could do is bring back food, toys and treats for US….after all….we’re keeping the home SAFE from introooders while they’re out in the stoooooopid cold!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. We’ve been super mad lately and so has Mom so we’ve all been real quiet. Not only is that stupid cold back AGAIN, but it brought with it all sorts of white stuff. Mom couldn’t go to work on Friday ‘cuz of all the white stuff. We had a good day of purring and napping so we’re thinking she enjoyed being home with us.

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