Spring??? Poses…..

The stupid cold is going to keep me inside forever!  I’m not happy.  It’s March for furry paw’s sake.  But when I look outside there’s still a ton of that white stuff and it’s a bazillion degrees below zero.  So, I decided to amuse all of you and do one of my adorable poses.

Copy of P1030161

Here I am in my March Mr. Adorable pose.  What do you think?

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!   Shakespeare’s been messing with the computer again.  Look what he did to my blog!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Spring??? Poses…..

  1. dood….de pollz haz it….ewe shuld bee a model….catz be fancee will bee callin short lee 🙂 !!!!!! may bee ewe will make de center foldz !!!

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