Orange Pose

Hey Mom………..when did you take this picture of Shakespeare?  I think everyone should see it so I’m putting it in our blog.

Copy of P1030160I’m going to call it Wide Orange Load!!!!

MOMMMMMMMMM………..Hemingway’s being naughty again!

You two are really getting cabin fever.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.

10 thoughts on “Orange Pose

      1. Hemingway here………hehehehehe…I’m not going to let Shakespeare delete this.

        Shakespeare here… better get rid of Sammy’s comments ‘cuz you know full well that your tummy is much bigger than mine and even the doctor man said you need to exercise.

        Hemingway here………Sammy, I think you’ve started something………..:(

  1. we noe all bout that cabin feever doodz…just due knot get crazed N take ta eatin BURD !!! 🙂

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