Cab In Fee Fur

What was Mom talking about yesterday?

What do you mean?  She was doing all sorts of talking……..mostly about the weather.

On our blog.  She said we have cab in fee fur.  What is that?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  First of all there’s “cab”.  We know Mom doesn’t like cabs ‘cuz it was a cab that hit her car and broke it last fall.

No, she really doesn’t like cabs ‘cuz she’s still achy and groany from that.

Next word is “in”.  You and I know what that means ‘cuz we have to stay inside now ‘cuz of the stupid cold.

It’s still not making any sense.  I don’t see any cabs in here.

Next word is “fee”.  I think that means we have to pay money for something.

What?  I don’t have any money.

Well, the last word is “fur”.  Hmmmmmmm……..I’m getting more and more confused.


Ok……spill it.

If there’s a cab in the house we have to pay a fee for our fur.

You can’t be serious.  If that’s what it means, then humans are beyond hope!!!  I’m going to go take a nap.

I’m going to go see if Mom left any treats unattended.

10 thoughts on “Cab In Fee Fur

  1. doodz…if ther bee a cab in de houz tell em ta take ewe ta de pet stor sew ya can stock up on canned goodz…knot sure what yur momz gonna think bout a vehickle bee inn inside yur houz tho…. sew due knot de lay !!!!


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