Kitty Konfusion

Why did Mom fall on a tree last Saturday?

I don't believe how much you mix things up!!!
I don’t believe how much you mix things up!!!

Shakespeare, what on earth are you talking about?

Remember when she told us she was going to be gone most of the day ‘cuz she was going to fall on a tree?

Shakespeare, get the catnip out of your ears!!


Mom said she was going to volunteer.  She helped out at her clinic’s health fair and block party.

A healthy fair with party blocks?  That sounds very strange!

No.  Her clinic had games and things for the kids and they had other doctors and people come in to tell the adults about different health things.

So they wouldn’t have to go to the vet as often?

Remember how I told you that humans don’t go to vets?

Oh, right…..  Did Mom have fun?

She said she had all sorts of fun and met some really nice people.

Do you think our doctor man might have a healthy fair with blocks?

I wonder if they would have catnip and treats at our healthy fair party block....
I wonder if they would have catnip and treats at our healthy fair party block….

You can ask him.  I happen to know that you’re going to have to go see him soon.

Not fair!!!!  You aren’t supposed to tell me things like that.


13 thoughts on “Kitty Konfusion

  1. Oh Hemingway, sometimes brothers are something else aren’t they? Glad your Mom had a good time at the health fair! Great pics of you guys. Love the belly shot 🙂

      1. MOL MOL! We have decided we like stinky goodness now and even though we only get a tablespoon full, it makes us eat more dry food. Mom says if I keep eating like this I am going to look like I swallowed a grapefruit 🙂

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