Kitty Konfessions

Copy of P1030545Hello Outside Kitty!  How’s your day going?  I have to tell you that I’ve had a rough few days.  Mom just doesn’t understand me.  I have no patience.  That much she SHOULD understand ‘cuz I happen to know that she has absolutely NO patience.

Let me try to explain.  Mom’s been home for almost a week and a half now.  She claims it’s because of something called jury duty but so far I haven’t seen her go anywhere.  So, as long as she’s home, it’s like weekends.  My little brother and I should be able to go outside all the time.  Shakespeare is rather polite about asking to go outside, but I guess I’m not polite.

Copy of P1030543Oh, thank you for the drink of water.  I was getting rather dry with all this explaining.

So I’m not very polite about letting my wants and desires be known.  If Mom is busy on the computer or reading or something, I need to get her attention.  The best way to do that, in my kitty brain, is to jump up on the computer desk or the entertainment center and start knocking things off so they tumble to the floor.  Mom has even tried moving all the stuff off the tops of things, but I still manage to find something to knock off.  I must confess that I kind of like watching things tumble through the air.  It fascinates me to see how many things land on their feet like I do.  By the way, the answer is very few!!!  I also figure I’m doing Mom a favor by showing her where the dust is so she can take care of it.  With everything off the surface, it’s very easy for her to dust.

Mom hasn’t been very happy with me.  She’s talking about reform school or Kitty Kamp for Knocking Things Off.  I don’t think either option sounds good.  Can you please help me with my addiction?  I want Mom to be happy with me, but I also want to play outside and I have to get her attention.  If you come up with any good ideas, can you pass them along to me?  I would greatly appreciate it.

Copy of P1030537MOM!!!!  How long have you been standing there?????