I Didn’t Ask for This!!!!!

Copy of P1030558This can’t be good.  Mom has the moving box thing out.  I know Hemingway never gets to go for rides in this, but I do.  I don’t think I want to go for a ride today.

Copy of P1030564I knew it!!!!  That moving box thing brought me over to the doctor man’s house.  Mr. Jeff……..I don’t want to be weighed.  I don’t care if you have a nice watch on, get your hands off me!

Copy of P1030565

 Now that you’re done humiliating me, I’ll just calmly walk off this stupid contraption and forget it ever happened!

Copy of P1030568

Yes, I see that treat you tried to bribe me with, but I’m not interested.  I am not speaking to that treat!  It’s not working.  You took my temperature in a really embarrassing way and then you gave me two shots.  I don’t want that stupid treat.

Copy of P1030569

 Dr. Kris……….what part of “I don’t want to be held” don’t you understand???  Just put me down so I can go see Mom.

From the Mom:

It’s always an adventure taking Shakespeare to see the Doctor Man.  He really didn’t want Jeff to weigh him ‘cuz he was afraid he would be told he had to stop eating so much.  Well, he weighs a little over 15 pounds which is exactly the same as last year so he’s doing great.  He had an excellent report and was told that he’s very healthy.  He wasn’t excited about getting his nails trimmed and told everyone in the clinic about it.  To make matters worse, when we went to the doctor’s house it was raining and he didn’t like to hear the rain hitting his carrier.  He didn’t seem to care that the rain was drenching me.  When we got home, he gave a big sigh of relief and shortly after this is where I found him:

I'm just going to take a quick nap, Mom.
I’m just going to take a quick nap, Mom.

22 thoughts on “I Didn’t Ask for This!!!!!

  1. Nice leg and floofy tail dangle in that last photo. The vet can be so exhausting. Great photo of you trying to get away from the doctor. Just stay healthy and you won’t have to go through that for another year. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Dear Doctor Man, do not bribe a cat with cheap treats! Shakespeare, you rock, my friend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

    1. Mr. Bowie…how nice to hear from you!
      Shakespeare here…….thanks for saying I rock, but don’t often sit in the rocking chair. 😉
      Hemingway here……I wouldn’t have believed it if Mom hadn’t taken a picture. Shakespeare actually rejecting food. The world must have stopped!

  3. We hate going to our vets too we never know whether the indignity of the thermometer or the stabs at the back of our necks is the worst but on reflection we think it’s the thermometer.

  4. Wow, Shakespeare, you’re a big kitty! Of course, I am not even 5 lbs. yet so I would think that! I like the vet because they all admire me there! Although I have to say they need to come up with a better way to take temperatures!

  5. Oh I think it’s just one of those horrid indignities our humans put us through and it IS totally exhausting. I must nap for hours after returning from the vet man to build up my strength again! Glad you were pronounced healthy though….. !!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. He’s known me since I was a little orange blob and he keeps forgetting that I don’t like to be held. However, he told Mom that I’m all bark and no bite. I guess he realizes that Hemingway and I both think we’re dogs. 🙂

  6. LOL, real life, real drama. How much howling can one human bare I wanna know? My goofballs howl to and from the V.E.T.’s Blossum is much better, Petals is a real prize.
    That whole temperature ritual always is rather embarrassing, poor Shakespeare. The 2nd last photo with Dr Kris made me laugh like mad. A great action shot and look how pouffy your tail is Shakespeare 😀

    1. Mom says I made more than enough noise on the way to and from the doctor man’s house. However, she said I outdid myself when Dr. Kris took me to get my nails trimmed. Mom thinks I can sing opera. What does she mean? Mom also said I have the longest fluffiest tail she’s ever seen so thanks for noticing it. 🙂

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