But I Don’t Want to Go to Kitty Jail!!!

Mom put me in jail.
Mom put me in jail.

It all started on a lovely day last Friday.  Mom was in and out doing errands and when she finally got home late in the afternoon she said we could go out and play.  We did just that while she did stuff in the house.  After supper I still wasn’t ready to come in but Hemingway decided he was ready for treats so he went inside.  Mom came out looking for me and called all over the yard.  She shook the treat sack and kept looking but I was nowhere to be found.  It was dark and she was very worried.  She called the neighbors, our friend Champ’s parents, and asked if they could help her look.  They wandered all over the place with flashlights and Mom even drove around the neighborhood in her car.  They couldn’t find me.  Now, let me tell you what was really neat about Friday night. 

 The church across the street was having a fried chicken dinner.  Do you know how fabulous fried chicken smells when you lift up your nose and sniff the air?  I was intrigued!

Back to the search.  The humans finally gave up and Mom got a chair out on the deck and a blanket and she tried to go to sleep.  It was a chilly, damp night and she said something about her bones hurting  ‘cuz of arthur-something-or-other so she finally went inside.  Around midnight she got up to take some pain meds and she looked outside to see if I was there.  I wasn’t.  Just before she went back to bed, she opened the door and called my name and I came walking by her car and in the gate.  She looked at me and told me to get my tail in the house.  Well, what about the rest of me???  I guess it wasn’t a time to joke ‘cuz she said she had been so worried.  She kept asking me where I had been and what I had been doing but I didn’t tell.  I was ashamed that I had gone on an adventure without telling her.  It was my first time doing that and Mom says it is my last!!!!

So, the next day was perhaps the most fabulous day ever.  The sun was shining.  There was a little breeze , the sky was deep blue, the temperature was perfect and there was no humidity.  Mom said those days are very rare around here and she also told me I couldn’t go out and enjoy the day.  She made me and Hemingway stay inside all day.

We did get to go outside on Sunday but she watched us carefully.

Today, Hemingway got to go out by himself.  Mom said she had some work to do and couldn’t go out and make sure I stayed in the yard.  I could have told her I wasn’t going anywhere, but I had t stay inside while she worked on “stuff”.

Copy of P1030596

 I think it looks like Hemingway is sticking his tongue out at me but he claims he was just trying to clean his foot.  I’m not buying it.

Can't I go out and play????
Can’t I go out and play????

Copy of P1030597

Mom……..I don’t like this picture.  It looks like I have jail stripes!

When Mom finished her “stuff” she let me go outside and she brought her book out there to read.  When it was time for everyone to go inside she called my name and I came running and went right into the house.  I had brought her a present.  She caught up to me and discovered I had a little field mouse in my mouth.  I thought it would be the perfect “I’m sorry I was so bad” gift but I don’t think Mom really liked it.  Hemingway thought it was cool!  I guess I still don’t understand humans.

So, that’s what’s been going on at our house!

27 thoughts on “But I Don’t Want to Go to Kitty Jail!!!

  1. Your human didn’t like your gift? That was kind of rude. I guess she is still mad about you staying out. You are lucky you get to go out at all – around here, coyotes have been known to attack cats and small dogs right in their own yards! So Binga and Boodie are grounded for life, and I only get to go out in my carrier, with a leash and harness. Not a lot of freedom here.

  2. Shakespeare, I am sorry your Mom didn’t appreciate your little gift. Your very very very distant kitty cousin in New Zealand gave me a big rat. Now that is not a nice thing to do.

  3. Gosh – never a dull moment at your house! I thought the mousie gift to make up for escaping was a nice touch but as you say – humans are impawsible to figure out!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. I’d say you were one lucky dog to get back outside – EVER again….but, guess you are a lucky cat!!!! If I were your Mom, you’d be grounded – forever! jc

  5. We know you were only exploring and sniffing the air for any interesting smells but your Mom didn’t know. Mums are worriers because they love you both.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. dood….sew ya bring yur mom a gift N sheez all like…..aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…
    screemin N stuffz…

    yea, see if she getz any thing for Christmas now huh….tho trooth full lee ya noe her wuz still up set bout ewe bee inn gone….

    we iz knot aloud out side at all coz oh highways, crazed traffic, coyoteez N even mor crazed peepulz….

    N troo lee.. bee veree glad church dinna let ewe haz any… BURD ♥ !!

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