They All Fall Down……..

I love this time of year!  For some reason the leaves stop hanging onto the branches and they all start falling down.  Mom says it’s a royal pain to rake up all those leaves.  I say it’s so much fun to play in them!!!

Who likes to play in leaves?
Who likes to play in leaves?

I do!!!  I do!!!  I’ve got my paw raised as high as it goes just to show you how excited I am.

Crunchy, munchy leaves.
Crunchy, munchy leaves.

I love the noise the crunchy leaves make.  They’re singing to me.


There’s no better way to unwind and relax than by stretching out on leaves.

My true colors...
My true colors…

I love fall ‘cuz it matches my colors and I can hide.  I bet you didn’t even know there was a kitty there in the leaves.  Hemingway can’t do that.

Watching for leaves.
Watching for leaves.

Wonder how long it will be before Mom tries making all these leaves go into bags?

I hope she waits a long time ‘cuz I really enjoy playing in them.

16 thoughts on “They All Fall Down……..

  1. How fun to play in all those leaves! Yet another thing I don’t get to do. Hmph! (Well, my human’s boyfriend just saw a huge, very healthy coyote on our street, so I guess there’s a good reason I can’t go outside without a lead and a helicopter human.)

  2. Ugg, leaves……there’s soooooooo many. I’m glad you are enjoying them so much. Plus you look cute while you are rolling, crunching and munching in them. Since I’ve just spent the day with my leaf blower and filling a 1/2 dozen bags, I can’t seem to get as excited as you. 😀 Carry on though, I’m enjoying your enthusiasm

    1. Mom doesn’t get excited either. She says she’s going to wait until all the leaves let go before she does too much raking. We’ll try to push them into piles for her……….but if we put them in piles, then we want to jump in them!

  3. We love the leaves as well and when you run through them they make such a lovely crunchy sound.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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