We’re Stars!!!!!!!

Our beautiful new sign that was made especially for us by Jan.
Our beautiful new sign that was made especially for us by Jan.

Oh happy day, I’m so excited I can hardly sit still.

I can’t make my tail be still ‘cuz I have all this nervous energy.

Isn’t this a special day?

We’re stars!!!

Maybe we should explain to our readers.  It all started many weeks ago when the Funny Farmer Felines: Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Rusty & Micah contacted us and said they wanted to interview us for Mousebreath.  We were thrilled and couldn’t wait to talk to them.

Mom kept dragging her feet about helping us.  She said that she had all these important things to take care of in the human world.  We tried explaining to her that the cat world is much more important than the human world, but she wouldn’t listen.  We think she may have had catnip in her ears.

We finally cornered her one day and had her help us with the interview questions.  Now we’re famous.

Be sure to take a hop skip and a jump over to Mousebreath and read our interview and check out all the other neat stuff on their site.

Hey Shakespeare, do you think we might get some dates out of this?

I don’t like dates.  I would rather have bread or catnip.

That’s not what I meant!

17 thoughts on “We’re Stars!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Hemingway & Shakespeare, I told mom to tell you that I think you did a wonderful job with your interviews. Thank you for telling everyone about our friendship. I think we are all very lucky to have been rescued by good people who Love us sooo much! See ya outside later if its not still raining.
    Your Buddy, Champ

    1. Thanks, Champ!!! We had to include you ‘cuz you’re our best buddy. You help watch out for us. Mom let us outside for alittle bit this morning but it was so windy we almost blew away. Be careful when you go out there. Love you!

  2. doodz !!! we just reeded yur interview; wuz glad ta lurn more bout ewe N yur gram paw mischief, thinked ewe lived in upstate new york …N a werd oh ad vise…best ta stix ta beein bachelorz …coz once ewe go onna date…….well, forget bout litter box privacee…. iz all were sayin !! grate interviews guys 🙂

    a most happee week oh end…may it bee filled with ocean perch ♥

    1. We love hearing from you guys and we’re so glad you liked our interview. Mom says we’re too young to be dating so that probably won’t happen. However, one or both of us could still learn to be a chef and we would gladly make something fishy for you. 🙂

  3. Are you SURE you are too young to date? I already live in the “frozen tundra” so you wouldn’t have to travel too far to see me. And I don’t have a boyfriendcat. I think you are both cute. Maybe we could just hang out and all be friends until we’re old enough to date??

    1. Sorry it took us so long to answer but we’re so excited. I think it would be great to hang out with you. We would love to be friends and it’s so pawsome that you’re close! Mom won’t let us leave the backyard but we can still stay in touch through special kitty kommunication! 🙂

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