Dating or Just Friends?

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We might have a girlcatfriend!

What’s that?

We already discussed this.  A girlcatfriend is a girl kitty who is a friend.

But we aren’t going to be dating are we?

No, Mom said we’re too young to date.

So who is this girlcatfriend?

Her name is Quinn and she lives in the frozen tundra, just like we do.

Does she have her own blog?

She sure does, it’s at Sweetladycat  and she looks like me.

I don’t know if I can put up with two tuxedos.  That’s asking an awful lot of me!

Then she can be my girlcatfriend and you can find your own.

Anyone out there who wants a handsome orange tabby with an incredibly fluffy tail as their boycatfriend????  Can you cook catnip pies???

12 thoughts on “Dating or Just Friends?

  1. goodness shakepeare…I would be happy to be your girlcatfriend, since I am not allowed to date either until I turn 21 in people years, but I must tell you I can’t cook pies…I say make the staff do it and wait on me !!!

    maybe you can have 3 girlcatfriends then all of us girls can go shopping !!!

    but I can still be your girlcatfriend if you’d like…♥ dai$y =^..*=

    { I am 11 years old and part Norwegian forest cat because my mom was rather……well…you know….loose…… }

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