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What’s the big deal about tomorrow?

It’s Turkey Day!

What’s a turkey?

Hang on, let me see if I can find a picture of one on the internetie thing.  Move over so I can reach the keyboard.  Here’s one……


Oh for goodness sake, a turkey is a bird!!!!  Why are we having a special day for a bird?  Why don’t we have Happy Kitty Day instead?

Mom says that every day is Happy Kitty Day for us.


Mom also says that we should wish all of our friends who celebrate Turkey Day a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And for those of you who don’t celebrate this holiday in your corner of the world, Happy Kitty Day!!!

Inside the Green Bag

Hemingway, what are you doing?

Copy of P1040092Well, I really liked the new treats Mom gave us last night so I was just checking this bag out to see if there were any more in here.

But you’re wearing the bag!!!  How did you do that?  I can see it draped around your middle.

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I don’t know, I was looking inside, and the next thing I knew, the bag had its arm around me.

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I don’t feel any treats in here so either you ate them or Mom hid them.

I didn’t eat them.  The bag hugged me and that’s all!

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Dear Treat Bag……..I’m in love with you.  Do you think you could fill yourself again soon???


Catch Me if You Can!

Copy of P1030195Mom and I played catch me if you can yesterday morning.  Normally she has fun when we play, but this time she got a little annoyed.  You see, it all started when the little angel, Shakespeare

Copy of P1020832That’s me!!!

Anyway, Shakespeare found a little field mouse in the house and he was chasing it around when Mom got up to get ready for church.  She saw him and tried to get the little mouse.  I thought Mom was having too much trouble catching the mouse so I swooped in and picked it up in my mouth and started running…….and growling.

Can I tell you how silly his growl sounds?  It’s real quiet and you can barely hear it.  Sure wouldn’t frighten off any boogey-dogs!

As I was saying, I had the mouse and Mom was running all over the house chasing me.  Then she decided she better start getting ready for church so she wouldn’t be late.  About that time her brother came upstairs and she tattled on me and told him that I had a mouse in my mouth.  He looked and told her that I was at my food dish eating breakfast.  She came and looked at me and asked where I had left the mouse.  I just kept chewing.  Too bad for us, but lucky for her that she found the mouse and took care of it.  She was happy we caught it but she wasn’t happy about the catch me if you can game when she was trying to get ready.  Oh well…………we are cats after all!!!

What Happened?????

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What happened to our yard???  Why is all that white stuff out there?  Did someone spill flour all over the place?

I don’t think so.  Mom has been grumbling about snow so I think that’s what it is.

Well, I don’t like it!!!

Neither does Mom.  Look at her flowers!

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No wonder she’s grumpy!






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I don’t think we’ll be seeing flowers again for a long time!







Hey, did you see what I saw?


Mom was with other kitties over the weekend and she took pictures of them!

I thought she was just going to visit her friend.

She did, but then she turned traitor and went to a pet store and saw other kitties!!  She said we should feel sorry for them ‘cuz they are rescue kitties and need homes.

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This is Horton and he’s a very big kitty!  Are all black and white kitties big?

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This is a trio of fur babies that Mom was fascinated with.  I thought for sure she would have tried to bring them home.  Good thing she was traveling so she couldn’t do it.  Can  you imagine how much training we would have to do???

I haven’t even finished training you yet!

Mom Didn’t Let Us Vote

Here we sit.  Just waiting for the time we are old enough to vote.

Copy of Waiting

I don’t know about you, but I’m sitting here just waiting for a treat.

Copy of Shakespeare Napping

Shakespeare, do you ever think of anything besides food?

That’s pretty much a NO!  Just ask Mom.

Well, I’m wondering why Mom keeps telling us we’re too young to vote.  Are we too young in kitty years or in human years?  There is a difference!  Besides, we’re rather smart and we know what’s going on.

What are you talking about?

I’ve seen signs in yards and I’ve heard lots and lots and lots and lots of ads on TV about these candidates.  Must admit I won’t miss those ads.  Maybe they’ll put more cat food ads on now.  Anyway, I’ve sort of formed some opinions so I think I should vote.

If we vote do we get a treat?

Well, if kitties were running the elections, we would for sure get treats but I doubt the humans even think of that.

Here comes Mom.  She just went to vote so let’s ask her why we can’t vote and if there are treats.

Boys……you’re too young to vote.  Besides, the voting booths are tall and you would never be able to reach.  

That’s discrimination!  They should have kitty-sized booths.

Would that be like a litter box?

Shakespeare, it is impossible to have a sane conversation with you!  I don’t think you should be allowed to vote.  Maybe I should run for office.  I could promise a mouse in every pot and catnip on every table!