What Happened?????

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What happened to our yard???  Why is all that white stuff out there?  Did someone spill flour all over the place?

I don’t think so.  Mom has been grumbling about snow so I think that’s what it is.

Well, I don’t like it!!!

Neither does Mom.  Look at her flowers!

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No wonder she’s grumpy!






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I don’t think we’ll be seeing flowers again for a long time!







Hey, did you see what I saw?


Mom was with other kitties over the weekend and she took pictures of them!

I thought she was just going to visit her friend.

She did, but then she turned traitor and went to a pet store and saw other kitties!!  She said we should feel sorry for them ‘cuz they are rescue kitties and need homes.

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This is Horton and he’s a very big kitty!  Are all black and white kitties big?

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This is a trio of fur babies that Mom was fascinated with.  I thought for sure she would have tried to bring them home.  Good thing she was traveling so she couldn’t do it.  Can  you imagine how much training we would have to do???

I haven’t even finished training you yet!