In the Dog House

Hemingway, what have you done now?


Mom says you are in the dog house.  I didn’t even know we had a dog house.  Why would we have a dog house when we don’t have a dog?  Where is this dog house?  Is there food in the dog house?  How come a cat would be in a dog house?

Done asking questions now?

I guess so.

Well, Mom got a little upset with me this morning.  You know how I tend to be not very graceful…

You’re just plain klutzy!!!

Enough!  I feel bad enough as it is.  I was trying to jump up on Mom’s shoulder this morning and I missed.  I reached out to grab something and it happened to be her lower lip.  She didn’t even yell at me ‘cuz she was so surprised.

Is that why she had all that red stuff falling?

Yes, that was blood and when I saw that I really felt bad.  She couldn’t even go to church ‘cuz the blood wouldn’t stop.

So you gave Mom a fat lip????

Hemingway PrayingGod, if I exercise on this bike every day and promise to be a good kitty, do you think Mom will forgive me for accidentally hurting her? Could you also help Shakespeare to forget all about this?  I don’t need him reminding me all the time.  Sigh.

From the Mom:

Hemingway, you’re forgiven.  I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.  I will always love you and your little brother!  However, it’s fine with me if you never do it again.  

19 thoughts on “In the Dog House

  1. Oh dear, that sounds like a doozy! Hope your Mom’s lip is feeling O.K. I am sure that God knows you didn’t do it on purpose Hemingway. Hope you have a much less eventful week!
    Marty and Mom

  2. Accidents don’t count as being bad, Hemingway! At least she did not have to have stitches! (Seriously, I hope it wasn’t too bad an injury!)

  3. Oh dear, poor Mummy. Whee hope she is feeling better soon. Accidents happen, Noah accidentally scratched Mummy’s wrist yesterday and it really hurt her and got messy so she knows what it’s like!


  4. Ouchies! Well we know you didn’t mean to make your Mommy bleed….sometimes I “accidentally” scratch my Mom with my sharpies (claws) and she oozes red stuff…..but gosh – humans are SO DELICATE these things happen!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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