What’s Going on Now????

Mom said there’s no temperature outside so we have to stay inside today.

No temperature????  What does that mean?

Well, she said it was minus some degrees overnight and we’re still missing some degrees.

What does that have to do with going outside?  Do I need to go to college and get a degree??  How can I do that?  I don’t have any money.

Shakespeare, you’ve been into the catnip, haven’t you?

(Shakespeare blushes)

All I know is that Mom told us it’s better for us to stay inside ‘cuz the air conditioners outside are working full force and making it very cold.

Turn them off, humans!  Turn them off right now.

Here’s a picture of the cold winter sun outside today.

Cold winter sun

When Mom went across the river this morning she said that the sun dogs were really bright and beautiful.

Sun dogs?  Are there moon cats?

I don’t know.  Mom wanted to take a picture of the sun dogs this morning but she didn’t have her camera and couldn’t stop on the busy road anyway.  So, she tried to take a picture of them this afternoon.  This isn’t a real good picture, but you can use your imagination.

Sun dogs

Oh boy!  I see a Cocker Spaniel, a Golden Retriever, a Boston Terrier….

Shakespeare, stay out of the catnip!

20 thoughts on “What’s Going on Now????

  1. It’s not as cold here (we actually have degrees), so I got to go outside on my leash – but I was surprised at how cold it was while still being sunny!

  2. Even though both of you have full, beautiful coats, your mom is right. It’s too cold outside for your bare toes. Nels begged to go out this morning, too, but when I opened the door for him, his little face got blasted with the icy cold and he quickly changed his mind and walked away.

  3. Well it reached a warm of -1 today and is going to be between -20 and -30 with windchill tonight. We feel your cold! Hope it warms up soon! Beautiful Sundog! We can imagine what it looks like if you could see all of it!

  4. I think catnip is giving you a clear view of things, S. It’s not about what you look at. It’s about what you see.

    Love and licks and stay inside where it’s warm,

  5. doodz….. we get a lot oh that heer two….wear de temperchure act shoo a lee GOEZ iz any onez guess, but when it does go, itz even two cold for ice fishin !! heerz two a burd free, happee, healthee N blessed 2015 ♥♥♥♥♥

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