Caturday Art ….. Colorless

Since it’s a gray day, Mom decided to do our caturday art using a negative technique.

You look really old, Hemingway.  You look really gray, but I can sure see your whiskers and you look like you have some really heavy eyeliner on.

Copy of Mr. Innocent

Well, you look really cool in black and white, Shakespeare.  Maybe you should think about dying your furs so you look like me.

No way!!!!

BandW Shakespeare

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Demolition Boy

Demolition BoyMom’s been looking for a new job and she says we should try looking as well.  She told me that I would be excellent in demolition work.  I must admit when it comes to clearing off a table, desk, or shelf, no other kitties top me!  Mom says I love to watch things tumble to the floor.  She doesn’t dare put out any of her really nice stuff, ‘cuz she knows I’ll “rearrange” it.

Are there any other demolition kitties out there who understand why I have to do that??  My human Mom just doesn’t get it.

Sun Puddle Day

My little brother, Shakespeare, was off in another room taking a nap so I decided to take advantage of all the sun puddles.  They’ve been hiding for a really long time so it was wonderful to see them again.  I grabbed a couple of books and made myself comfortable.

I've got my books handy.
I’ve got my books handy.
Are you kidding me???
Are you kidding me???

Mom said I looked so nice and toasty warm that she decided to grab her own book and join me.  The two of us sharing a sun puddle.  How cool is that???

Orange Tuxes

Look what Mom found for me!!!  I was a little miffed ‘cuz Hemingway and his other Tuxie friends had Tuxie Tuesday to celebrate.  Now I can celebrate my own special day.  It’s official now.  We can have an Orange Tuxie Day whenever we want.  I have to thank our friends Bo and Kobi at The Mad Hooligan Chronicles for their wonderful suggestion about orange tuxes.  I also have to thank Mom for helping me with this project.  Hey Waffles isn’t this neat?  Now you have something to show Katie.Orange Tux

Tuxie Tuesday

Every day should be Tuxie Day!

Look into my are getting very sleepy...
Look into my eyes….you are getting very sleepy…

Now that I have you hypnotized by my gorgeous eyes and soothing voice, I’m going to “suggest” that you make every day Tuxie Day.  Just nod your heads that you agree.

Copy of P1020832

Are you kidding me???

Shakespeare, this is Tuxie Day and you are not a Tuxie!

So when’s my day?

The jury’s still out on that.

What’s a jury?  Do they have treats?  Are they out shopping for treats?

40 Winks Times Two

Dead to the world
It was a long day. zzzzzzzzzzz
Long Sleep for Shakespeare
I love my naps. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Our friends at My Three Moggies are hosting 40 winks posts today.  We are supposed to post some of our funny sleeping positions.  Mom searched but she found out that we don’t often let her use that flashy box on us when we’re sleeping really silly.  We like to think we sleep adorable!