Mom Thinks and Talks

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The boys have been mad because it’s so cold outside.  They dearly want to go out but when the windchill is -20 I put my foot down.  So, they spend more time inside getting into trouble and taking naps.

I decided to take this time to take over their blog and write a few things I’ve been thinking about.

This blog is dedicated to Shakespeare.

I picked him up from the Humane Society on a dark, stormy night.  (Do I sound a little bit like Snoopy?)  Sirens were going off and we were told to go into one of the offices to spend some time with Shakespeare.  We had no idea what all was going on outside but we could hear the thunder booming.  This little orange ball of fur just ran around the room and got into everything.  He didn’t have time to be held and cuddled.  He was too busy exploring.  That should have been my clue!

Shakespeare is Mr. Independent.  He loves to be petted and talked to, but he hates to be held.  He’ll come right up to you and beg for some scritches and pats, but they have to be on his terms.  Nobody realizes what a loving kitty he is but I’ve seen it.

At night Shakespeare likes to come in and curl up on the pillow beside my head.  We’ll talk about the day and talk about Hemingway.  Shakespeare will lie there and purr and purr.  Now here’s what totally melts my heart.  Once I decide it’s time for me to go to sleep, I’ll put my hand over by his front paws.  He’ll lick my hand several times and then settle down with his chin resting on my hand.  To me that is the most precious thing.  I know nobody else will ever get to experience it ‘cuz Shakespeare will keep his distance.  However, he does that loving act for me.  It warms my heart and soul.

Shakespeare, I’m so glad I found you!!

The Mom (Pam)