Orange Tuxes

Look what Mom found for me!!!  I was a little miffed ‘cuz Hemingway and his other Tuxie friends had Tuxie Tuesday to celebrate.  Now I can celebrate my own special day.  It’s official now.  We can have an Orange Tuxie Day whenever we want.  I have to thank our friends Bo and Kobi at The Mad Hooligan Chronicles for their wonderful suggestion about orange tuxes.  I also have to thank Mom for helping me with this project.  Hey Waffles isn’t this neat?  Now you have something to show Katie.Orange Tux

18 thoughts on “Orange Tuxes

  1. OH MY COD!!! I can wear a tuxie TOO!!!
    …so Glogirly is asking if she can make Katie wear the blue one.

    (If you’re a Dumb and Dumber fan, you’re probably laughing, if not… just laugh and nod and pretend like you get it.)

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