Sun Puddle Day

My little brother, Shakespeare, was off in another room taking a nap so I decided to take advantage of all the sun puddles.  They’ve been hiding for a really long time so it was wonderful to see them again.  I grabbed a couple of books and made myself comfortable.

I've got my books handy.
I’ve got my books handy.
Are you kidding me???
Are you kidding me???

Mom said I looked so nice and toasty warm that she decided to grab her own book and join me.  The two of us sharing a sun puddle.  How cool is that???

20 thoughts on “Sun Puddle Day

      1. Hey, just because you all have four legs and are more supple, it is not funny…..well not too funny. Mazie tends to try to “help” me and it becomes quite the site.

      2. Kelly, we only laugh when Mom is laughing with us. She tends to think she’s quite comical when she’s trying to get up. She says you just have to laugh at yourself and then it doesn’t hurt. 🙂

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