Demolition Boy

Demolition BoyMom’s been looking for a new job and she says we should try looking as well.  She told me that I would be excellent in demolition work.  I must admit when it comes to clearing off a table, desk, or shelf, no other kitties top me!  Mom says I love to watch things tumble to the floor.  She doesn’t dare put out any of her really nice stuff, ‘cuz she knows I’ll “rearrange” it.

Are there any other demolition kitties out there who understand why I have to do that??  My human Mom just doesn’t get it.

16 thoughts on “Demolition Boy

  1. dood…why… yes….eye….due…..frank lee eye find stuff on chestz & standz & dresserz…… ta bee in my way….N noe better way ta get it outta my way…then ta toss it on de floor !! ♥


  2. Making a mess is a science. Humans don’t get it. We hone our craft and demonstrate our skills whenever we can. No appreciation!

    Love and licks,

  3. My cat Yoda is all about knocking stuff down. He is especially fond of water bottles. I tell him not to knock the bottle off the table, so he looks me dead in the eye…and, you guessed it, he knocks down the bottle. He thinks he’s hilarious. Do you chuckle a bit after you knock stuff down?

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