Caturday Art ….. Colorless

Since it’s a gray day, Mom decided to do our caturday art using a negative technique.

You look really old, Hemingway.  You look really gray, but I can sure see your whiskers and you look like you have some really heavy eyeliner on.

Copy of Mr. Innocent

Well, you look really cool in black and white, Shakespeare.  Maybe you should think about dying your furs so you look like me.

No way!!!!

BandW Shakespeare

To see more cool Caturday Art pictures, just click on the badge below.

14 thoughts on “Caturday Art ….. Colorless

  1. My human is old enough to have worked in darkrooms as a photographer – she remembers developing those black and white negatives, and printing with them!

  2. OMC those are totally PAWSOME!!!!! sorry we missed them on Caturday! We are running behind since Mom has been been busy with the Grandpeeps, shoveling snow and work.

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