Caturday Art……Two Different Worlds

Me and MrCatMom took a picture of me talking to Mr. Outside Cat.  We were having a nice conversation about how awful winter is and Mom came along with her flashy box.  She used a colored pencil effect on this and then “framed me”…MOL!!!

Shakespeare Dreaming

I was having a nice dream about food and Mom crept up on me with that flashy box.  I chose to keep my eyes shut and ignore her!  She used a charcoal effect on this picture and then put a food frame around me.  I think I look rather cute!

10 thoughts on “Caturday Art……Two Different Worlds

    1. Mr. Outside Cat is white and he really doesn’t say much. We have to do all the talking. I guess if we had to stay outside all the time we would be pretty “stiff” too! It’s going to be elebenty zillion degrees below zero tonight! We told Mom to bring Mr. Outside Cat in and she told us not to worry about him. As long as we’re inside where it’s safe and warm, we’re happy!

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