Thursday Thoughts

MOM!!!!!!!!!!   Really????????????
MOM!!!!!!!!!! Really????????????

First of all, when I’m taking my bath Mom should not come around with that flashy box thing.  What’s the matter with her?  Doesn’t she realize that I need my privacy?  So what if I’m in the middle of the room where Hemingway and everyone else can see me.  Mom should know that Hemingway and I own the house so we can do what we want.  Oh, and she may not realize it fully yet, but we also own her!!!

Secondly,  Mom seems to think that it’s so funny that I’m scared of germs.  Ya’ see………at night I like to sleep on the other pillow up by Mom’s head.  She thinks it’s so cute when she calls it “my piddow” but I tolerate that.  I get all settled and start purring and drift off into dreams of catnip, sunshine, bread, toys, birdies and squirrels.  I’m so content and comfy and then Mom coughs!  I jump up and run out of the room.  Mom even tries to stifle her coughs but I can still hear those germs waiting to fly out into the world…….My World!!!  Mom tries to reassure me that she’s not sick and that it’s just a reaction to one of her medications.  I’m not buying it.  She’s got human germs and I don’t want them.  So, I do what any normal cat would do and I get out of there.  I can still hear her laughing….and coughing….as I run out into the living room.

Cats of the world…….do you run when your human coughs???

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Oh I’m with you……..just because she SAYS she’s not spreading germs doesn’t mean it’s true…..I mean humans tell us fibs all the time like “I’m taking you to get a new toy!” which ACTUALLY means “I’m taking you to the vet for all kinds of horrible tests and shots and stabbies!”……………as for violating your privacy during a bath. I do believe that’s a felony in some states………..if it isn’ti, it oughta be!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. No, my cats don’t mind coughs, but sneezes make them run. That is cute that you are a kitty germphobe. Maybe you need to take a photo of Mom bathing to get even. Us humans are pretty dense and need reminders not to annoy kitties.

  3. I haven’t lived long enough with my human to hear her coughing, other than a minor frog in her throat. Then I wonder where I can find a frog to catch!

  4. Zooey: Gandalf is the scaredy-cat in the family. He runs from any sort of loud sound. I am the brave one. I usually go check on any suspicious sound my humans make and just sort of give them a look.

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