Stop Thief!


Mom, I was just sitting here gazing out on my land when a movement caught my eye.  I looked again and couldn’t believe my eyes!


See that squirrel?  He kind of blends in with the gate so he’s hard to spot.  However, with my keen kitty eyes, I could clearly see that he came into MY yard, stole some leaves and ran out again.  Mom we have to stop him from stealing.  His mom is going to be upset with him!


We saw this coming last night and we were afraid to look out the windows this morning.

It was kind of pretty against the background of the evergreen tree.
It was kind of pretty against the background of the evergreen tree.
Around supper time the snow was really coming down.
Around supper time the snow was really coming down.
Poor old stump is wearing snow again.
Poor old stump is wearing snow again.
The branches are wearing layers of white.
The branches are wearing layers of white.
Too much white!
Too much white!

What a mess!

It’s your fault.


Well, the angels were busy making you that catnip cake with salmon frosting for your birthday.  Angles can sometimes act a little goofy and they were having so much fun getting your cake made that they started having a food fight…..right there in heaven’s kitchen!


So……….all the flour and powdered sugar was flying all over the place and soon spilled out of the kitchen right onto our house.

Is that true?

Sure is.


High Five!!!

Laser Eyes

It’s MY Birthday!!!!  This is the day to celebrate me!!! 

I’m five years old today.  That’s one paw, as I’m showing you in that less than graceful pose Mom took of me one day.  I am now convinced that “High Five” was created so we could celebrate five years.  It’s one paw or one hand!  It works for humans and fur people.  It’s pretty neat.

So, we had a little party today and of course Hemingway had to join in.  Mom says we have to share.  When he has his birthday, I get treats and toys, too… I guess it’s only fair.

Here’s what happened when Mom surprised me with the toys and treats.

Let's see what all is here!
Let’s see what all is here!
Hemingway has already decided he gets the carrot and I've decided I want the blue fishy.
Hemingway has already decided he gets the carrot and I’ve decided I want the blue fishy.
Oh how I love you fishy!!!
Oh how I love you fishy!!!
It's you and me forever, fishy!
It’s you and me forever, fishy!

Mom here:  I just want to wish my little orange boy a very happy birthday.  It’s hard to believe he’s five.  I still remember when I first got him and I had no idea he would grow this big.  He’s a good companion for Hemingway, even if they pretend not to like each other all the time.  Thanks for adding so much joy to my life,boys.

Caturday Art Gazing

Mom is still trying to figure out her new computer so she doesn’t have time to teach us much yet.  So, we decided to pull up some pictures of us gazing at our favorite artist’s work.

I could gaze at Quint's artwork all day!
I could gaze at Quint’s artwork all day!
I wonder if I could learn how to paint like Quint...
I wonder if I could learn how to paint like Quint…

Have you met Quint?  He’s a famous cat artist who does beautiful work.

We’ve become friends with all his furmates and his Mom since our mom let us start blogging.

If you want to learn more about Quint, just go to his website Colehaus Cats.

He and His Mom even help other kitties with what he makes on his artwork.

We really love Quint’s talent!!

CAT ARTISTS RULE!!!  Did I do it right, Mom?  Can we have some treats now?

Did I See Angels???

We’ve been missing in action for a few days again, but it’s really not our fault.  Mom’s computer had a heart attack.  We promise that we didn’t do anything.  We didn’t scare it.  We didn’t jump on it.  We didn’t threaten it.  It just died.  Well, Mom wants to explain a few other things so she’s going to take over our post again today.  It’s fine with us, Mom, as long as you give us lots of treats.

Thanks, boys!!!  It’s been a rather hectic time around here lately.  I’ve been looking for a job which is not only discouraging, but it takes so much time!  I wish I could just walk into an office and say, “Need help?”  Any of you who are no longer in your 20’s know how hard it is for us “Golden Oldies” to even get a chance to talk to anyone.  They all figure we’re senile and don’t know what we’re doing.  We know differently!

Enough of the job problem.  I’ve also been having some health issues.  Years ago I had a triple fusion done on my left ankle because of a ruptured tendon.  It’s been doing fairly good until the last few years.  Seems arthritis has taken over the ankle and that’s why I keep having so much pain when I try to walk.  Next step is a new ankle but we’re trying to hold off.  Then about three weeks ago I did something to my right hip and it is extremely painful.  There are times it calms down, but it can get so cranky. 

Enough of the stupid health problems.  Now here’s what happened to me yesterday.  I had to go to the grocery store and I always go in one certain door.  Yesterday I went in the other door at the other end of the building because the things I needed were on that end.  I noticed an older couple walking in ahead of me.  When I got inside the first door and headed for a shopping cart, the woman stopped me.

“I’m from a local church (I recognized the name) and we just like to stop and pray for people.  Could I pray for you?”

I was so surprised but told her what an awesome thing that was.  She asked me what she could pray for.  Now, normally I wouldn’t have said anything.  I’m rather shy when it comes to discussing any needs or problems I may have.  However, I got brave in choir one night a few weeks ago and mentioned my needs for prayer.  Since then my wonderful choir friends have been praying for me and asking me how things are going.  So, when this woman asked me what she could pray for, I quickly blurted out, “The pain in my ankle, my hip, and my search for a new job.”  I was telling a complete stranger my problems!!  What was wrong with me??

She said a beautiful prayer and instantly I felt more relaxed.  Oh, the pain was still there, but not dominant.  We said a few more things to each other and I let her know about my involvement with my church choir.  We said goodbye and I got my shopping cart.  I turned around and they were gone.  I looked for them throughout the store and on my way out.  I never saw them again.  Were they angels?  I have no idea, but they sure were a blessing to me. 

One more thing, I’m working on a temporary computer for a couple of days and the boys don’t know how to use it.  They’ll be posting again when the new computer is up and running and they’ve been trained. 

Paws Off the New Addition!!!

Remember  we told you Mom went away for a few days.  She said she needed a vacation, but promised us it wasn’t because of us!

I had to keep reminding her brother about our meal times and our snack times.  It was hard work so I’m really glad Mom is back.

Anyway, she came back with lots of bags and things.  She said she went to a craft show in Des Moines and found all sorts of interesting things.

Where’s our stuff?

She said she did get us some things but she hasn’t brought them out yet.

She better be telling the truth.

This is the big thing she got:

Copy of P1040333She said that it is a bird bath and we are not to touch it, climb on it, tip it over, splash in the water, or bump into it.

Copy of P1040334 How can birds take a bath in that water?  It’s rather small.  I know I can’t fit into it.

Copy of P1040335I wonder why she doesn’t want us to walk around it.  There’s plenty of room.

Copy of P1040336Mom said she’s going to have Mr. Outdoor Cat stand guard over it until it’s really warm and she figures out where she wants to put it.

MOL……….see that snow shovel???  Mom refuses to put it away yet ‘cuz she keeps telling us that around here we often get snow in March, April and even May!!!  Shoot…we didn’t really have much snow over the winter so why should we get snow now?  We think she can put it away now.