So, you may be wondering what happened to us.  Did we fall off the planet?  Did we go chasing a mousie down a long deep hole?  Did we get our toenails done and didn’t dare use the computer keyboard?  Did we become big stars and go into seclusion?

Seclusion?  What is that???

It means hiding out from everyone and everything.

Oh, we never do that!!!!

I know, I’m just teasing the readers.

Mom said we shouldn’t tease each other.

As I was saying before I was interrupted………none of those things happened!  This picture gives you a clue as to what we’ve been doing.

Naps are so important to a cat's good looks and good humor.
Naps are so important to a cat’s good looks and good humor.

What about Mom?  She was gone!

Yes readers, our mom took a vacation without us so we’ve been making her feel guilty.  We did a good job of it, too.  She’ll have to explain to you later just what she was doing.  We just wanted everyone to know that we are fine and we’re sorry we’ve been gone so long.