Paws Off the New Addition!!!

Remember  we told you Mom went away for a few days.  She said she needed a vacation, but promised us it wasn’t because of us!

I had to keep reminding her brother about our meal times and our snack times.  It was hard work so I’m really glad Mom is back.

Anyway, she came back with lots of bags and things.  She said she went to a craft show in Des Moines and found all sorts of interesting things.

Where’s our stuff?

She said she did get us some things but she hasn’t brought them out yet.

She better be telling the truth.

This is the big thing she got:

Copy of P1040333She said that it is a bird bath and we are not to touch it, climb on it, tip it over, splash in the water, or bump into it.

Copy of P1040334 How can birds take a bath in that water?  It’s rather small.  I know I can’t fit into it.

Copy of P1040335I wonder why she doesn’t want us to walk around it.  There’s plenty of room.

Copy of P1040336Mom said she’s going to have Mr. Outdoor Cat stand guard over it until it’s really warm and she figures out where she wants to put it.

MOL……….see that snow shovel???  Mom refuses to put it away yet ‘cuz she keeps telling us that around here we often get snow in March, April and even May!!!  Shoot…we didn’t really have much snow over the winter so why should we get snow now?  We think she can put it away now.



24 thoughts on “Paws Off the New Addition!!!

  1. Mum’s still got our snow shovel out but we’ve been lucky this year and she’s only used it once.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. WOWZERS……that’s a fancy bird bath…..! I bet the birds will like it. We still have our snow shovel out too – you never know – can’t trust the sky not to drop white stuff on us again!

    Hugs, Sammy

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