Caturday Art Gazing

Mom is still trying to figure out her new computer so she doesn’t have time to teach us much yet.  So, we decided to pull up some pictures of us gazing at our favorite artist’s work.

I could gaze at Quint's artwork all day!
I could gaze at Quint’s artwork all day!
I wonder if I could learn how to paint like Quint...
I wonder if I could learn how to paint like Quint…

Have you met Quint?  He’s a famous cat artist who does beautiful work.

We’ve become friends with all his furmates and his Mom since our mom let us start blogging.

If you want to learn more about Quint, just go to his website Colehaus Cats.

He and His Mom even help other kitties with what he makes on his artwork.

We really love Quint’s talent!!

CAT ARTISTS RULE!!!  Did I do it right, Mom?  Can we have some treats now?

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