Kitty Class 101


Class is now starting for my young kitty readers.  I hope this object lesson is very clear and easy to understand.  Please note:  Humans often put these things called “rugs” on the floor.  For some reason they get upset when we hide our toys under them and they accidentally step on them.  Silly humans!  Even worse is when we hide under the rugs!  To avoid getting stepped on by a human….or even another kitty….make sure that you keep part of yourself showing.

Don’t hide your treats under the rug ‘cuz I’ll find them.

Shakespeare….get out of my class.  This is important stuff and nobody was talking about food!

18 thoughts on “Kitty Class 101

  1. The only rug here is humungous! It fills the whole living room! So what happens if it’s too big and heavy to hide under at all?

    1. We’re doing great. Mom’s been super busy with that working stuff so we don’t get to see her as much. We don’t like that but if she’s working it means she can buy us food, treats and toys. At least that’s what she tells us. We think she just gets out of the house to be with other humans!

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