Weekend’s Over….

Mom goofed again

It’s the weekend and she’s supposed to spend all her time with us.

She didn’t.


We watched her get into her car and head out the driveway……..without us!

We are NOT showing our happy faces!


I decided to catch up on my naps while she was gone.


I watched the door so she couldn’t slip in without me knowing!

So what did she do?  She said she went to a class to learn something new.

Did she learn how to make catnip pie?  NO!!!  She came back with this!


She said she learned how to make sandcast leaves and this is the small one she made.


She put the big one that she made on top of the stump so it can be a bird bath.


She really had to be creative to get a picture of it this way ‘cuz Mom’s not that tall and the stump is!

Why would she want to put another bath for birds in our yard?  Do the birds really like to take baths with all of us watching?

Anyway, she said she had fun at the class and now she has to paint those leaves and put a sealer on them.

We’re not that impressed.  She didn’t even use catnip leaves for her project!!!

Oh well………the weekend is pretty much done now.  Goodnight, all!


16 thoughts on “Weekend’s Over….

  1. Omgosh, that made me laugh. You are looking rather miffed at the screen door alright, LOL I think Blossum starts the day watching the door too but soon drifts off to sleep, abandoning any sense of duty. Catnip Pie would have been quite the treat but I think moms sand cast is really cool. I’m certain those birds will wanna bathe in it, assuming you stay on your side of the screen door 😀 What a riot this was xB

  2. I like those leaf projects a lot! Having an extra bird bath will make your bird TV all the more interesting. …..or delicious….

    Love and licks,

  3. doodz…even tho yur mom terned de leef inta sum thin we will knot even menshunz…..thiz izza awesum project….in fact itz total lee awesum…her did a grate job thatz for sure !!! ♥♥♥

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